a snow fort with a side of cute girl with sled


This past weekend we went down to Fairmont to celebrate Christmas with Darin’s family.  We had a wonderful time and the kids, of-course, loved playing with their cousins.  They even braved the cold and wind to head out on the lake to build a fort.  And I even braved the cold and wind to take some photos.

I feel like the fort days are fleeting, so I wanted to capture them.  Capture them creating in the cold before they are teenagers and just want to sit inside on their electronic devices.  Although part of me hopes they will always want to go out there.  Maybe not for fort building, but maybe to just take a walk on the edge of the frozen lake, or take the dog for a run, or just enjoy the fresh air with their mom.  I’m trying to foster a love for the outdoors in them, even in the cold.  I hope and pray it for them.

So here they are fort building, along with a cute little niece and her sled.  :)

michelle - These shots are darling. :)

I can say from experience that my kids haven’t built a fort for years so you are right to love and value it now. But while I have a couple teenagers who do love to hang on the couch with a remote control they equally love to get outside for a bike ride, a hike with the dog, flying a kite, laying in the grass… the list goes on. Keep cultivating that love of the outdoors. It will pay off. :) We are planning a camping trip because Natalie wants to go tent camping. God bless my 17 year old girl. :)

Heather M. - Such good photos, Stacey! Love that you captured them. And I think you are doing just that, helping them cultivate a love for the outdoors. Good job, mama!

tracey - The light is so wonderful and low and soft in these photos. It is also weird to see no sign of a mountain or a hill in this photo!

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