this weekend


After this week I am happy to welcome this weekend.  Where there will be a break from the tears and whining.  My weekend off of work, a weekend to celebrate another Christmas with family, a weekend where there will be a little bit more sugar and more gifts and more fun.  Where we will sleep in and not worry about getting dressed right away or making our beds right away.  Where we will play with cousins and stay up a bit later and maybe even go sledding down Grammie and Grampie’s hill.  Where we will forget about the stress of this week, and just focus on the next two days together.  When you’ve worked weekends since graduating college, the weekends off are so very sweet.

Welcoming this weekend with a sigh of relief, with open arms, and with excitement.

michelle - Sounds like a very needed and welcome weekend for your family. I hope it is full of joy and love. xo

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