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Easing into the back to school routine has been difficult this week. There have been tears and whining about getting dressed, about eating breakfast, about making beds, about making decisions about what to pack for lunch, about brushing teeth, about putting on shoes and coats and hats and….where are those mittens?  Shoot, we left them in the car.  More tears about putting on cold mittens because they were left in the car.  Tears about walking from the house to the car.  Tears in the car on the way to school.  Whining about reading and whining about homework.  Whining about having to have a healthy snack because why can’t we just eat Christmas cookies all of the times.  Whining about what’s for supper and whining about the iPad rules. Tears about having to take a shower, about having to go bed, about being so tired but still getting up at 5:00am the next morning.

Add a dose of bitter cold temps and ridiculous wind chills and it’s enough to make this mom go a bit insane.  Or get really crabby.  (Just ask my husband.)

So I’m giving us all of bit of grace this week.  Giving them grace for the tears and the whining.  For an unmade bed or for not eating the whole banana.  For socks on the floor and for tiny tantrums.  I’m trying to hand out lots of snuggles and hugs, and asking them for their patience with me as there have been times where I’ve lost my patience.  Because this getting back into the swing of things can be rough.  I know this as I try to eat better, exercise, and be more intentional about my time.  It might be another reason why I’m a bit crabby.  Because sometimes I just don’t want to do all of the things.  I just want to sit on the couch and cry to an episode of Call the Midwife and eat a container of dark chocolate covered sea salt caramels.  Giving myself grace this week for a Call the Midwife episode and maybe one sea salt caramel.  And then trying to be an example to the littles that growing up, or being a grown up, isn’t always fun and it’s always hard…but we’ll get through it together.

And next week is a new week, with some 20’s in the forecast.  :)

Naomi - It’s always hard getting back into routine. I was ready but not ready. Owen forgot where his brain was and left the house with no backpack and not hat or gloves on in the frigid weather! I think chocolate and call the midwife are perfectly acceptable because they are both awesome. Try brownie brittle. :)

this weekend » Stacey Montgomery Photography - […] this week I am happy to welcome this weekend.  Where there will be a break from the tears and whining. […]

Tracey - Laughing about the comment about having to eat healthy and not being able to have Christmas cookies all of the time. I pretty much had that same convo with Bean this past week. It’s been a struggle to move everyone back into eating healthier food and weaning us all of sugar!
Hope you get your warmer weather!!

michelle - The idea of you sitting and watching Call the Midwife makes me feel so happy. I hope you take some time for yourself in the midst of this crazy getting back to normal week. xo

Heather M. - Yes! So much yes. Totally with you. I love that you are showing grace to the and yourself this week. It’s almost Friday, friend. Hallelujah! xoxo

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