looking back to 2014, looking forward to 2015


Well, 2015 is here.  I’m still finding it hard to believe.  So much that this week, as Evie continued to recover at home from her flu bug and I figured it was time to take the Christmas decorations down, I didn’t want to.  I wanted the season to linger a little bit longer.  Maybe because the last few weeks have been rough.  Maybe because I feel like Evie should enjoy the pretty lights for another week because she was sick.  Maybe because I’m just lazy and I didn’t want to go through the work of putting everything away.  Maybe it’s because I knew a new year was following behind, which means “fresh starts” and resolutions and reminds me of all the things I should be doing differently in my life.  But I finally did put everything away, and after I did I remembered how fresh and clean things in my home look without the extra clutter.  Sure the extra stuff is nice….for a season.  But the season is over and it was time.  To pack away Christmas. To look ahead to a new year.  To not only clear the clutter in my home but in my life, and to let 2015 come.

But before I do, I wanted to share few memories from 2014.  I looked through my blog the other day and was reminded of how I’m so thankful that I document our little life here in this space.  This blog is for prosperity, but it’s also like a little bit of therapy. So I’m going to keep doing it, and I’m grateful for all of those that keep reading. I’m looking back over this past year to spur me to continue to document for this next year.

These images my not be my “best” images, or my more creative, or even my most favorite.  They are just the images that best remind me of 2014 and the challenges, the good times, the prayers prayed, the changes, the smiles and hugs, and my biggest blessings.  The year of mornings home with my Eli before he went to kindergarten in the afternoon, of a trip to the coast to visit far away friends, of lots of tears and really learning to trust God with parenting.  The year of lots of cold and snow and the wonderful welcoming of warmer weather, of a trip to the Dells and of lots of swimming and sun, of glasses for our oldest and watching her mature into a beautiful girl.  The year of the best summer yet, of day trips to the river and weekend trips to the lake, of not wanting it to end.  The year of a fourth grader and a first grader, the first year where I’m home during the day by myself, a year of watching Evie come into her own and watching Eli excel.  The year of a wonderful trip to Sedona with my boyfriend, of redrocks and the Grand Canyon. The year of toothless grins and several long sicknesses.  A year of Leo snuggles, of brother and sister love, of watching Darin be an amazing dad, and of learning to accept my imperfections as a mom and realizing they love me anyway.

Happy New Year, friends.



michelle - It goes without saying that this post is bursting with the lovliest family photos ever but I must say I’m most happy the quilt got a featured spot in this. ;)

Many wishes for a beautiful 2015 for all of you.

Shannon - love looking at all of your blessings from the year. God is good!

Rhonda - ooh that collection is moving!! Love it and love your style – it’s loud and clear with this set of pictures!!! Happy New year!

Heather M. - tears, my friend. this post is so beautiful. that CA photo is pretty darn special to me. ;) love your blog so much.

gina - I love this post and love your photos! Felt honored our family made the cut too! ;) Happy New Year dear friend. Big hugs to you and all of your beautiful family.

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