our Christmas Eve


It’s been a long week since my last post, the post in which I said we had influenza’s number.  Well, unfortunately influenza had OUR number, and we’ve pretty much been down for the count.  Eli woke up with a fever the day following last week’s post and along with Evie, missed out on his Christmas party at school.  Thankfully he had a mild case of it, just getting high fevers that day and into the night, waking up Christmas Eve with just low grade temps and only a slight cough.

Evie, on the other hand, is on day 9 of the flu.  Sweet girl was absolutely miserable last Monday and Tuesday.  After her temps finally subsided and she felt a bit better on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (let’s face it, I kept her well medicated in hopes that she could enjoy herself just a little bit), her cough continued to get worse and she spiked another temp Saturday night.  Which landed us in the pediatrician’s office on Sunday morning with a diagnosis of the start of pneumonia.  Now on antibiotics, today was the first day I saw markable improvement, even though she is still coughing like crazy, taking naps in the middle of the day, has no appetite, and is going to bed at 7:00.  But it sure was nice to not see any tears because of how awful she felt.

Needless to say our Christmas was a little bit different this year.  The traditional cookies for Santa were still baked, but with Evie on the couch not even wanting to taste test them.  We watched Christmas Eve church from our couch via live stream.  I still managed to cry while singing Christmas carols, my arms wrapped around my kids who were next to me in their PJ’s.  Evie sat up by the table long enough to color one picture before taking a nap while we prepared the food.  Our candlelight Christmas dinner was short and sweet with two kids with no appetites, Evie feeling tired and miserable and needing to lay down.  And while they both enjoyed opening their gifts, bedtime immediately followed because they were just too tired and worn out to play with the new stuff they just got.

With all that being said, we still had a sweet day as a family.  The kids even obliged to my traditional “before Christmas Eve church” photos that I take every year.  This time in their PJ’s, Evie fresh off a nap and Motrin, which resulted in some pretty great smiles, and photos that are sure to tell a great story years from now.  The year of influenza over Christmas, but another wonderful Christmas Eve with my favorite people.  Love them all so much.


Heather M. - oh friend, what a Christmas. I love Georgia’s comment. You have such a beautiful heart, sweet friend. I feel so grateful to know you. Praying all this sickness will be a distant memory soon. Hugs to you!

Georgia - oh… why do i get so weepy when i read your influenza posts? maybe it’s because i know how special christmas is to your family and how much you protect and celebrate that season. but, i think that’s the beauty of it, and why my tears are more about joy than feeling bad for you. somehow, you manage to turn lemons into delicious christmas lemon punch. =)

that’s just it. if christmas is special in your heart for the right reasons, no flu is going to take that away from you. the part that got me the most was reading how you wrapped your arms around your kiddos during the christmas carols and cried. picturing that at church would get me teary. but picturing it in your home with kids in p.j.s and sick, and you grateful for all that you have… well, that just about made me full on cry because it’s a beautiful image.

i love the light in your home. your photos are always so perfect… the lighting is amazing. it’s been such a joy to watch your family grow through the years, while still seeing the same traditions played out each year. there’s familiarity there, but also evident growth and change… and beauty in it. i can remember these same photos from years back, and how much littler e2 was. life just charges on. but you somehow slow it down with your documentation of the days and special times. your kids are going to be so grateful to you for preserving all these times with your writing and your photos. they won’t only know when things were perfect and tidy and wrapped up neatly with a bow. they’ll know about all the times that were far from perfect, but still filled with love. of course, they will know that in general… a sense they are being raised with that will follow them into adulthood. but it will be such a treasure for them to look back and see the details. what a gift you’ve given them.

oh, how i ramble on… =)

michelle - I’m so glad she’s turned the corner. Poor Girl. Your pictures are beautiful and I was so glad to read you were able to stream the church service rather than totally miss it. What a blessing that was. Hoping you are able to rest and recover over the next few days to recharge your own batteries after such a long and intense battle. xo

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