influenza, we have your number


48: the number of hours we’ve had influenza A in our house

1: the number of family members that currently have it (our sweet Evie)

2: the number of hours spent at Urgent Care last night to reach that diagnosis

3: the number of days until Christmas

5-10: the number of days that influenza usually lasts

4:00: the number on the clock at which Evie and I woke up this morning due to a fever

75: the estimated number of times I’ve told her “it’s going to be okay” while reminding myself of the same thing

2: the number of cups of coffee I drank

5: the number of movies we watched before noon (How to Train a Dragon 2, two Tinkerbell movies, The Parent Trap with innocent Lindsey Lohan, and The Lego Movie)

587: the estimated number of times I’ve applied hand sanitizer to my hands

2: the number of chocolate milkshakes made

103.5: the highest number on the thermometer seen so far today

2: the number of emotional breakdowns I’ve had

1,249: the estimated number of times I’ve been exposed to said influenza from being coughed on by our sweet Evie

0: the number of inches of snow on the ground….totally unrelated but we are dreaming of a white Christmas

3: the number of times I’ve been to the store in the past 24 hours to pick up Motrin, popsicles, or ice cream

132: the estimated number of times I have thanked God that I have healthy children and that this is just the flu and nothing more serious

4: the number of Sprite/orange juice cocktails made

8: the number of times our sweet Evie has cried because of how miserable she feels

17: the estimated number of times Leo has jumped up on the couch to lay next to Evie

countless: the number of prayers for our Evie, that she will be better very very soon


Andrea - Been praying for her and for you. Hope she feels better very soon. We haven’t seen much influenza here yet. But a good friend’s girl who is in Max’s class just came down with it. Ugh. Hoping you get that white Christmas too! Naomi and I were talking about that yesterday. Anyway, sending prayers your way.

Ana - We’re right there with you… I feel your pain and will pray with you for our children to have a healthy (or at least less miserable) Christmas!! Take care Stacey !

Jean - I’ll have to try the sprite & OJ mix. I usually just do ginger ale. Hope she is feeling better!

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, too.

Janet - I’m so sorry, I think we’re running at least 60% positives, but just a few H1N1. It’s too bad she couldn’t get Tamiflu, or whatever they are giving. Sending prayers she feels better soon, so she can enjoy Christmas and time off of school.

Nikki Sinclair - Oh Stacey this is such a bummer. Hope Evie feels better soon! Scott and Jake both have fevers, headaches and feel miserable…we’ve brought this lovely bug to my parents home in northern Minnesota. It has officially put a damper on our Christmas plans (we came up to celebrate Christmas early). I officially hate the flu as well but like you am thankful we have healthy strong immune systems and this too, shall pass. Although, thank you for your post because I was starting to get kind of mad and throw a fit. I feel like Nathan and I are just ticking time bombs.

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