these are a few of my favorite things


Yesterday the kids and I made one of my favorite Christmas treats: peanut butter sandwiched between Ritz crackers dipped in chocolate almond bark.  We make them every year.  The kids load them with sprinkles.  And then when we are all finished, they get to lick the dried almond bark off their fingers.  It’s not only one of my favorite treats, but also one of our favorite traditions.  Which got me thinking about some more of my favorite things this time of year…

Christmas tree lights

Presents imperfectly wrapped by our E’s

White peppermint mochas

Comfy slipper boots and fireplaces

Packages in the mail

Breath of Heaven

Listening to Evie sing Christmas carols

Candlelit dinners

Fresh falling snow

Watching their joy in giving

Vintage ornaments

Finding the perfect gift

Christmas cards

New songs that give you chills, like this one

Watching the kids in their Christmas musical

The smell of our real tree

That beautiful lit tree on Cedar

Homemade cinnamon rolls

Christmas coffees and Christmas concerts with friends

Homemade gifts

A golden retriever warming my feet

The Polar Express

Silent Night

Family together



michelle - All I could think of while looking at these pictures was: “How hard is it to keep that light fixture clean?” ;) Ha. I struggle with dust and sunlight here. So beautiful. Totally perfectly YOU. :)

Love the list. Hope Evie is feeling better. Even just a tiny bit. Poor Montgomery Family. xo

Andrea - MWS’s entire new Holiday CD is so good! I’m also really liking Chris August’s. Check him out! A great list and a fun time making cookies with your Es. :-) Happy Holidays. Wishing you and the family a blessed holiday season. :-)

tracey - Just took a break from cookie baking here and then I pop on to the internet and see this new post. We are on the same wave length! Fun to see your traditions and favorite things. Those dunked peanut butter crackers look YUM!

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