Christmas musical


On Monday we were able to enjoy yet another Christmas musical at our church and this year both of our E’s were in the production.  Last year Eli was in the kindergarten program, but this year he was able to join his sister for the big program, and wow was it big.  They have had two hour practices every Sunday night since September in preparation for the singing and dancing and acting and I am always amazed at how it all comes together and extremely impressed at how awesome all of the kids do.  At one point in the musical the lights went dim and there were dancing “stick-people”, the audience cheered.

It really is so fun to watch and makes me tear up with joy watching these kids sing about the real meaning of Christmas.  I’m sorry, I can’t help but get all gushy about it.  At one point they sang the song Hallelujah, Light Has Come (love this song, listen to it here) and there is just something about 50+ kids belting out that chorus.  It gave me chills.

It’s hard to believe that next year will be Evie’s last chance to be in the musical.  Darin and I will anxiously await our weekly date nights while the kids are at practice, but even more so, a chance to witness our kids having fun singing about Jesus.


Heather M. - looks like they had so much fun! :)

georgia - so loving those last few shots of the kiddos. so colorful and happy. what great memories you captured in those smiles.

how cool to hear kids proclaiming the reason we stop to celebrate this time of year… or the reason we should. i can’t wait to see isaac’s little preschool christmas performance on wednesday. i just hope he doesn’t stand on the stage crying the whole time like he did for the halloween costume program they put on. =)

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