A November project: By My Side


A few times a year I try to intentionally pick up my camera a bit more and take a photo a day for a month.  I did it last November, and thought I’d do it again this year.  I didn’t have a certain theme, I just wanted to capture real life around our house and tell a bit of our story.

But a week into the project I realized every single photo I had taken had our beloved golden retriever, Leo, in it.  It’s pretty impossible to keep him out of the frame, seeing that he’s almost always by my side.  Or by their side.  Usually within arms reach.  Always wanting to be near.  So, I decided to make the month about our Leo and continue to tell our story through photos, but intentionally have him in each one. And appropriate, seeing it was his birthday on November 13.

After putting this slide show together and watching it for the first time I totally teared up (I know, shocker).  I was reminded what an important part of our family our sweet dog is.  He is the perfect example of unconditional love, of comfort, of warm snuggles right when you need them, of kisses when you are having a rough morning, of play and fun.  We adore him and are so happy to have him by our side.

Here is our November, music by David Choi.


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Heather M. - Oh Stacey, these are just amazing! What a wonderful way to capture this month. I adore that first one of you and Leo (so glad you made it into the project too!) and the ones of Evie and Leo in the snow. J and I have begun the dog talk. I’m not sure I’m ready for the commitment right now but we wonder if wouldn’t be a really good thing for our boy who is struggling so much right now. I love seeing the ways Leo is such a part of your lives.

tracey - I loved the ones of Leo and the snow on his fur and the one where he was waiting outside the shower. Sweet Leo. :)

michelle - You have captured life with a Golden perfectly: always present. I love Leo. And I LOVE his collar. Such a fun look into his life. :)

gina - Love them all! And your family! And especially love toothless Eli on the carpet! All so sweet.

Naomi - These are very sweet stacey. I can tell leo is very loved. Lovely captures. Makes me want to tolerate sadie a little more. Ha. (Especially since shes not doing very well right now :(….,)

Janet - Oh my gosh Stacey, this is so cool, you aren’t the only one that teared up.

georgia - absolutely love this. what a sweet look into your home. it’s like you did one of your lifestyle shoots that you usually do for others, but you did for yourself instead, giving us a lovely peek into your beautiful home… and seeing just how much leo is a part of your lives. i especially love the photo of him at the end of e-1’s bed and the one of him and e-2 on the stairs. also love the photos of him in the snow. and the last one, of course… awesome!!

Andrea - So sweet. Love the photos of Leo watching the kids out the window. Great music too. You always find such great music!

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