monday randomness


It’s Monday.  I do not have one organized thought in my brain right now.  So here’s a little randomness for you.


My daughter is obsessed with a book series about warrior cats.  Who knew such a series existed?  She is devouring these small print 300 page books and asked for the next six books for Christmas.  I love seeing her excited about reading.  Four years ago I would have never imagined a photo like the one you see above.

There is something about this time of year that makes me want to watch the movies “Annie” and “The Sound of Music”.

Why is there such a thing as mild cheddar cheese?  If I am going to eat cheddar cheese it must be sharp cheddar.  Mild and medium cheddars…why??

The kids are writing one thing they are thankful for each day this week on our chalkboard.  This morning Eli wrote “me and Jesus”, Jesus with a backward “j”.  Melt my heart.

Like last year we are doing the “four things” approach to Christmas gifts for the kids again.  Something you want, need, something to wear, read.  Evie wants art stuff so I asked for some suggestions on Facebook.  A friend suggested a latch hook kit.  Latch hook!!  I distinctly remember latch hooking a lovely orange and brown flower-like creation when I was her age.  Or maybe it was a monarch butterfly?  Totally getting her a latch hook kit for Christmas.  Love reliving my childhood through her.

My children do not have the same appreciation of the movie “Annie” as I do.

Our basement finish is slowly coming along.  It has confirmed that 1. I am impatient, 2. I am indecisive, 3. I have difficulty seeing “the vision”, 5. I am thankful to have a husband that is handy and wants to do it right, and 5. I am impatient.  But I keep telling myself it’s going to awesome when it’s done.

Last week Evie said a kid in her class came to school with crutches and she felt so bad for him that he couldn’t play in the snow like everyone else and that she wanted to pray for him.  Melt my heart.

I Pinterested a fun Thanksgiving cookie recipe for the kids to make that involves candy corn.  So I want to Target this week to get some candy corn so I could follow through on my Pinterest pin (perhaps a first).  No candy corn to be found.  Did you know that they only sell candy corn at Halloween at Target?  November 1 and out comes all the Christmas candy.  Someone needs to tell Target that all candy turkeys are made from candy corn and it should be sold until Thanksgiving.  I can not make a turkey from candy canes.

I turned our laundry room into a kid’s art gallery.  They are so proud to have their masterpieces displayed and now every time I put a load into the dryer I smile.

My children do not have the same appreciation of the movie “The Sound of Music” as I do.

Last weekend I took care of a patient who had a really long day.  At the end of the day, through tears, she called me an angel and thanked me for taking such good care of her and her baby.  After not having the best attitude about work lately, it made the long 36 hour weekend worth it.

Nerd alert: In a few weeks I am going to the Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant Christmas concert.  I’ve always wanted to go.  I have this memory of listening to both of their Christmas albums as a kid while decorating the tree with my sister and my parents.  I’m going with a friend and am totally geeked out about it.

Peppermint flavored coffee drinks are my favorite.

There’s something about when your kids say “I love you” first, isn’t there?


And with that I’m off to conquer my Monday.  Happy day, friends.

Janet - I love that 4 things for Christmas idea, it’s pretty much what I did too, and they always got books and art stuff. My boys still don’t care to read, so sad.
Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant would be great to see perform, lucky you.

Nikki Sinclair - I can relate to your Monday randomness! We are soon to be starting a remodel project as well. I get heart palpitations thinking about it. I am also not patient. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Jean - OMG! Michael W. Smith & Amy Grant – so fun!

I work with fourth graders, and they are reading that book aloud as a class. The kids are obsessed. My one student snatched all the series from our “level library” (each grade has shelves of books according to their grade level reading lexile). I think it’s cute how each “clan” of cats have a territory and the kids colored a map today of where each clan of cats live. The teacher has a “cationary” for some of the definitions.

Heather - I love your random brain dumps. My favourite. And H just started reading those cat warrior books too.

Naomi - And maybe this is why i dont comment on peoples blogs often. It totally cut off half my comment. Lol.
Hang in there with the basement thing. Itll be worth it.
Im a nerd too. A total amy grant and michael w smith fan when younger. Still must listen to amy at christmas time. Her breath of heaven version is the best. :)
Happy monday!

Naomi - So tell me, howd you get evie into reading? Because owen is only mildly interested. He does fine at reading but hed rather do other things. Maybe its a boy thing? Or personality? I just remember when i was a kid i always had my nose in a book. But maybe that was just me.
I love annie and the sound of music. Actually, We watched annie multiple times this weekend. Owen, shockingly, loves it.

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