geocaching fun


Back in October, when the weather was absolutely perfect and before the snow came and stayed, we took the kids to a local regional park and went geocaching.  We had heard that you could borrow little GPS devices from the visitor center and walk the many trails around this park looking for treasures.  It was the first time we went as a family and we loved it.  We spend a whole afternoon there and found multiple caches.  The kids followed their compasses and searched and found, and then exchanged trinkets and documented in the log that we were there.  The color of the leaves when we went was gorgeous.  At one point we walked through a canopy of beautiful golden trees and I couldn’t help but think that there must be a little part of heaven that looks like that.  It was a wonderful day of being outside and making memories with the ones I love.  We can’t wait to do it again.


georgia - LOVE this… all of it!

Michelle - I can totally see why you love MN in the Fall so much. WOW!!

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