he lost a little bit more of his littleness


In the last few weeks my Eli lost his two front teeth, about a week apart.  They both fell out at school, which was very exciting.  He was sent to the nurse’s office and received a necklace to hold the proof and to show it off the rest of the day.  When the second one came out and he came home and showed me the new toothless smile I was overwhelmed with his cuteness.  Oh my goodness, I can hardly handle it.

He is changing right before my eyes, losing a little bit more of his littleness week by week.  But I’m thankful that he still climbs up in my lap for snuggles, he still runs and jumps into my arms for big monkey hugs, and he still gives me spontaneous kisses out of the blue.  I know he has to grow up, and his new smile proves that.  But I’m praying those big teeth take their time coming in so I can soak up his cute toothless grin as long as possible.


naomi - such a fun milestone. such a cute grin. i was a bit sad when owen lost his first tooth because they do lose some of their littleness.. but now owen has that same toothless grin and i love it :)

gina - this is so sweet and he is so cute. love him.

Tracey Morris - Sometimes I can’t decide if he looks like you or D. In these photos he looks like you. :) He has grown up so much. I think back to when we first “met” and he was sooooooo little!!!!!

michelle - he is so cute it hurts to look at him. ;) Love the last shot so much.

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