first snow


A few things about the first Minnesota snow:

It’s usually in October.

It’s usually just a little dusting.  It usually melts within hours.

It’s usually not a forecasted accumulating snow storm in November.

I am never prepared, regardless of when it happens or how much snow it is.  I rush out to get snow boots and gloves.  Every year.

All of us Minnesotans usually moan and grown about the first snow, but at the same time are secretly a little excited about it.  After all, it’s the first snow.


This year’s first Minnesota snow:

Not in October.

More than a dusting, although much less that the forecasted 6-10 inches we were supposed to get.

It has not melted, and nor will it melt.  Thanks to the freezing cold temps that are forecasted the next week.

I rushed out to get Evie boots and gloves the day before the snow, along with every one else in the Twin Cities.  Seriously, we live here.  When will we learn?

And all of us Minnesotans moaned and groaned, but at the same time we were a little excited about it.


After all, it’s the first snow.


Janet - Never prepared, that’s me, and I was even a Girl/Boy Scout leader, tsk, I organized all of our winter stuff so we could start on our basement, and I think I may have accidentally given them to ARC Value Village (there was a hat that Kira knitted for her Dad)

Heather - Such pretty photos, Stacey. I’m definitely not Minnesotan because I don’t secretly love the first snowfall. Ever.

gina - so very pretty, too bad it is November. xoxo

michelle - Yes, I shall (in the way of Lorlei Gilmore) embrace the first snowfall this year. I shall walk in it. I shall love it. I shall celebrate it. And there will be just the minimum of moaning and groaning. Hoping we make it to December before the snow flies here.

Love your pictures. I’ve got to get my camera out more. (What I say to myself everytime I look at your blog). ;)

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