a good witch and a knight (sword not pictured)


Another year and another Halloween.  I just went and looked at last year’s post and can’t believe how much my pink power ranger and skylander have grown.

This year Evie wanted to be a witch, “but a good witch, mama, not a mean one”.  And Eli didn’t want to dress up.  He has never really been a fan of costumes so I didn’t push it.  Nana got him a sword and he was happy with that.  He even said he didn’t want to go out trick or treating and wanted to just stay home and hand out candy instead.  And with a forecast of 25 degrees I didn’t try to talk him out of it.

But when the time came and he saw all of his friends outside and his sister with her candy bucket all ready to go, he changed his mind.  And even though I knew my feet and fingers would freeze from joining him, I was happy he did.  Because I love walking with Darin and Leo and watching our E’s with all the neighbor kids run from house to house.  I love talking with our neighbors and catching up one more time before we hibernate for the winter.  Halloween is not my favorite holiday, but I love watching our neighborhood come alive and I love watching our kids be kids.

I dragged them out the in chilly backyard like I do every year to take a few photos before it got dark.  Eli didn’t even grab his sword but he is my little knight regardless.  And Evie could never ever be a mean witch, even if she tried.  She’s a good witch all the way.


Heather - That is the cutest witch I have ever seen! I absolutely love that last photo of her.

georgia - precious.

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