an October to remember



It’s not a secret that summer is my favorite season.  But if every fall was like the one we are currently having it would definitely be in the running for taking over my top spot.  Our October here in Minnesota has been absolutely glorious.  Mid-60s and sunshine nearly every day.  Even a few days in the 70s.  Cool in the morning and evenings, perfect for sweatshirts and jeans.  Ideal weather for hiking and marveling at the gorgeous leaves.  It’s rare to have an October as beautiful as this.  And we are not taking it for granted.  Especially after the last few winters we have had, and the winter that we know is coming.

And maybe it’s just me getting older, but I appreciate the change in the seasons more and more each year.   I’m happy to live in a place where there is a distinct difference in them.  Green springs, hot and sunny summers, colorful falls, and the white and cold winters.  Yet they are never easy on me.  I tend to be more emotional and more sensitive.  It’s these months of the year, the months of intense seasonal change, that always seem to have the most “stuff” happen in my life and around me.  I feel like God coincides changes that are happening in my life or need to happen in my life with the change in the seasons.  And I don’t think that’s coincidental.  It’s His way of showing me the work in it and the beauty in it.

Today was the first day this month that I had to wear a coat during the day.  I’m not sure it reached 50.  It was blustery and bitter and the wind blew and brought many of the brightly colored leaves to the ground.  Like God telling me to let go and return to my knees.  November is on it’s way, but this October will be one to remember.

geocaching fun » Stacey Montgomery Photography - […] in October, when the weather was absolutely perfect and before the snow came and stayed, we took the kids to a local regional park and went geocaching. […]

Heather - I’m so glad you had such a beautiful October. You deserved it after last winter.

This post gave me much to think about and was a reminder to be glad with the seasons and find beauty in each one. Thank you.

michelle - 100% yes. I agree with everything you wrote. And I just want to say it myself, I love living in a place with four seasons, too. And yes, they can be rough but I wouldn’t trade it. xo

Great photo, too.

georgia - I like that you see a correlation with the earth’s changes of season and God’s changes of seasons for you. I don’t think I’ve paid enough attention to that in my life if it has been the same for me. But I do love the changes of season so much. I have a more difficult time accepting when God is switching things up for me.

love this sweet shot of E. beautiful colors.

i know how hard winter is for us both. it’s great to have such beauty to hold onto going into it, isn’t it?

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