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Last week I photographed a family I’ve captured twice before, the last time being two years ago.  Since then they have welcomed a sweet girl to their crew, now a toddler chasing after her four year old brother.  I adore this family and feel so honored that they asked me back for a third time.

In our pre-session correspondence we decided to take the photos at their home (to my obvious delight).  The mom told me she wanted to “capture the play” that they do as a family.  Capture the normal late afternoon routine after she and her husband come home from work.  When asked what she wanted to remember most about her kids at these ages she said her son’s passion for construction and farm vehicles, her daughter’s developing mommy personality and love for her doll, and how non-stop she is right now.

So that’s just what I did.  I got there before Daddy got home, little sister with baby in hand, big brother eager to show me his room and all of his trucks and tractors. They greeted dad and after a snack, headed outside where we ran and rode and chased and climbed.  We came back inside where mom attempted to get little sister to sit and read a book in her room (no such luck), and then had a picnic supper on the floor with a make shift play tent and campfire.  Photos of the four of them in the same frame are few and far between with an active boy and an on-the-go girl, but what I love about this family is that those are not the kind of photos they wanted.  It was more important to them to capture the real life moments of them as a family.

Although we didn’t get the sunny day we had hoped for and the weather was a bit dreary and dark, it’s obvious these kids are the bright blue sky and the sun in their parent’s eyes.  Here is their picture story of our time together (music by Chistina Perri)….


Heather - The photos of when dad gets home are the best. I wish I had photos like that. It’s one of the happiest times of day.

Gina - You captured this sweet family so well, they are such nice people and have such a nice family. Beautiful!

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