Lately I’ve been…..

baking…. pumpkin anything.  My favorite are pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, but I’ll take suggestions for any other recipe you want to share!

drinking…. lots of coffee.  And I seemed to have rubbed off on Leo because if I leave my half full coffee cup out on the counter when I bring the kids to school I will find it empty when I come home.  Silly dog jumps up and licks it clean.

wanting…. to snap my fingers and have our basement be finished.  We started the slow and painful process and it stresses me out.  I dislike making decisions, I dislike projects, and I dislike the current messy state of our lower floor.  Just typing this is causing me anxiety.

looking…. for a floor lamp.  I finally found the floor lamp that I LOVED, ordered it, it was back ordered, and now they decided they are no longer going to make it.  Why?????

listening…. to Evie play her recorder.  Not sure whether to smile or scream.

reading…. The Circle Maker, non-fiction, for our life group we are in for church.  Just finished A Well Tempered Heart, fiction, a sequel to The Art of Hearing Heartbeats.  It was very good.

waiting…. for the motivation needed to start the list of little organization projects I want to work on while the kids are in school.  It’s not coming.

liking…. couch time with Darin after the kids are in bed.

snapping…. not much of anything. I also need motivation to pick up my camera.  It’s not coming.

wondering…. if I am going to survive 4th grade math.

loving…. the reminders from Him that I will survive 4th grade math.  She will survive 4th grade math.  Loving the reminders that He is going to use her and math is not going to be an issue, He already is using her.  Loving her.



hoping…. that this gorgeous fall weather will stick around for awhile.  I’m so not ready for winter.

marveling…. at some awesome things God is doing in the lives of some of my friends right now.  It makes me so happy and excited and thankful.

smiling…. at Eli’s bed head, at Eli’s spontaneous hugs, at Eli’s giggles, at Eli’s quick sense with numbers, at Eli’s love for learning, at Eli’s before bed “I love you mores”, at Eli’s sweet sprit.

needing…. to get back into the exercise grove.  I need motivation to start exercising.  It’s not coming.

wearing…. my sweatpants, my Sedona sweatshirt, my tennis shoes, and my hat.

planning…. on taking Leo for a nice long walk after writing this post.

anticipating…. a story telling home session I have planned next week.  Did I mention I love home sessions?

praying…. for patience.

learning…. that God is faithful.

enjoying…. the crisp fall air, the beautiful light in the afternoon and early evening, the changing colors, the crunching leaves, Honeycrisp apples, the long sleeves and jeans and cardigans.

noticing…. the bins of clothes sitting on the floor that I need to go through so my kids have the winter stuff they need to wear when the winter weather comes.  I need motivation to sort clothes.  It’s not coming.

thinking…. I need someone to come slap me across the head and get me motivated.

focusing…. on moving my seat.  On being intentional.  On taking the time.  On doing.

feeling…. overwhelmed

yet full and grateful.


naomi - love these little lists. I’ve been meaning to do something similar for quite sometime. alas, i’m lazy too :) loving pumpkin right now as well! (ps…the flour worked great! i’m impressed.) loving this fall too…it needs to stick around for a long time. hope you found a little motivation :) totally understand though–i’m the same way!

michelle - Yes, I’m hoping the great weather sticks around here, too. And yay for cardigans and jeans! Fall is perfect.

And I feel your basement/math/recorder angst. Been there, Done that on all those things. You will make it through. xo

Lanie likes to finish my coffee, too. Maybe some day our dogs can meet up for a coffee? ha. :P

Love you S.

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