a matter of focus


There have been several times this past week where I have been smacked in the face as I muddle through parenting her.  I think as a mom sometimes it’s easy to focus on the worrisome things about our kids.  The negative things.  The things that (we think) need fixing.  The things you are praying to be changed.  The hard things.  Instead of focusing on the good things about our kids.  The positive things.  The things you are proud of.  The things you thank God every day for.  The wonderful things.

I am guilty of this.  There have been several instances as of late where God has put a giant flashing sign in front me when it comes to her.  LOOK AT HER STACEY.  Look at what I’m doing in her life.  Look at how AWESOME she is.  Look at how far she’s come.  Yet I find something to worry about.  Something that’s still hard.  I hear myself say “but”.  Yes God, that’s wonderful, BUT.  But this still needs ironing out.  I’m really anxious about this.  Could you please fix that.



I was thinking about this last night as I was looking through photos from the summer.  I came across this series of shots of her with my friend’s baby.  She was so sweet with her.  I teared up when I saw them and there was God with his giant flashing sign again.  Focus on those things, Stacey.  Those little delightful things that make you beam.  The rest of it is in my hands.

It’s a matter of focus.  And I’m going to try to be better about that.  Starting today.  By making a list of some of those good things.  Because she IS awesome.  And I love her so much.  And I want her to know this.



She is so good with babies and toddlers. She talks baby talk to them.  She guides them and helps them and plays with their toys and their toes.

She has an incredible compassionate soul.

She genuinely cares for others.

She is creative.

She is an amazing little writer.

She loves giving hugs.

She has an incredible imagination.

She is wonderful with her brother.

She’s okay with getting dirty and messy to create.

She is thoughtful, often thinking of others before herself.

She is sensitive.

She loves Jesus.

She asks really great questions.

She loves to sing and has a beautiful voice.

She has the best smile that lights up a room.

She is an encourager.

She has become a really great reader.

She understands the power of prayer.

She gives great compliments.

She is KIND.

She has an appreciation for beauty and light that most kids her age do not have.

She realizes the source of that beauty.

SHE is a beauty and I love her and am so proud of her.  Let this be my focus.


Ana - I needed to read this today. Maybe God was flashing me a sign too… I understand the worry. The constant fear and concern that maybe I’m not doing it right, or helping her the correct way. And I too, find myself focusing on those worries and the negatives instead of remembering and focusing on all the greatness and wonder of her. Thank you for the reminder!

michelle - yes, yes, yes and amen. Well said and a good reminder for all us moms who get caught up in the worry. Beautiful.

gina - and I am crying…it is so easy to lose focus when we are worried and/or stressed. You are doing a wonderful job and so is she. I love these photos too. Big hugs.

andrea - LOVE this list you made. Love it! I need to do this with Maxwell. And Erin.
And these photos are so very sweet. :)

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