Oh Sedona


On Sunday Darin and I returned from a four night stay in Sedona, Arizona.  We had already made plans for year number six in Chicago, but when Darin’s work conference plans fell through, we decided it might be the year to try some place new.  We had child care already arranged, and we desperately needed to get away, so we settled on this quaint little town in the southwest.  And it was perfect.

Sedona is like this little gem of a place that most people probably over look on a map.  But it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.  It was nothing like the desert I had pictured in my mind.  Towering red rocks in every direction and enough green to please this midwestern girl.  A friend of mine made the comment of it looking like a painting and she couldn’t have said it any better.  My photos do not do it justice.

I’ll share more from our trip later, but for now I just feel full and grateful after a wonderful time with my boyfriend.  I realize that we are extremely blessed to be able to go on a trip like this.  And I also realize more and more each year how important it is.  It’s an investment in us, our marriage, our family.  How amazing that we were able to invest that time in such a gorgeous place.


Heather - Wow! So beautiful! So glad you guys were able to get away and that you see the value and importance of trips like this. :)

gina - What a wonderful trip! I am so happy for you guys. xoxo

michelle - Ken was there a few days before you and said the same thing about the green. After seeing your pics I’m convinced I need to go there. So glad you two got to get away and try something new. :)

carla - Can’t wait to see more pictures. It looks beautiful! Glad you and your boyfriend had a good time. :)

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