10 on 10: her and her glasses


Last spring she was complaining that things far away were looking a little blurry.  She had been in to the eye doctor a year and a half prior, and although she didn’t need glasses quite yet, the doctor said she would likely need them in the next few years.  So in July we were back at the eye doctor, and sure enough, she needed them.  I wasn’t surprised.  I got my glasses in second grade. I knew it was coming.

She was excited to look for frames.  And did we ever look for frames.  We looked and looked and looked, and just when she thought she had found “the frame” she would change her mind.  (What can I say?  She also gets her indecisiveness from her mother.)  But we finally found a pair she (and mom) loved and it was fun to watch her put them on at the store and see everything clearly.  I distinctly remember walking out of the doctor’s office with my new specs and looking up and seeing all of the detail of the leaves on the trees.  It was a whole new world.

She’s had them for about a month now and they suit her so well and I’ve become so used to them on her face that when she doesn’t have them on I feel like something’s missing.  I love her new glasses and I love her.



Now please go visit the talented Kristin Hallak to see her September 10 on 10.

mMidoRaf - Спасибо картинки красотка http://niknozai.ru/jpeg/spasibo-kartinki-krasotka/

gina - She is beautiful and looks so much like you in these! Love them all.

tracey - She looks so adorable in them. I can’t believe how much she has matured. Amazing.

jen downer - She absolutely rocks them!!!!! Sweet girl.

Andrea - I adore her glasses! So cute! :-)

Heather M. - adore these photos of your girl. she looks so grown up and so very happy. glasses totally suit her.

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