miss haddie is two


It’s her second birthday today.  Oh my goodness.  Isn’t she a doll?

My sister came up to visit this past weekend and I snapped a few photos of my niece right out behind our house.  She loved the flowers and we even saw a few deer, which she wanted to run after.  She twirled in her pretty dress and talked in her cute little toddler voice.  The light was so lovely and I even managed to get a few with mom and dad.  Because I know how precious those photos are.

I swear she was one just a second ago.   But I do love the terrific twos.  And I think Miss Haddie Joy is pretty terrific.  Happy Birthday sweet girl!


gina - Sweet, sweet photos! What a treasure for them to have these photos of their beautiful daughter.

Heather M. - She is so adorable! Can’t get over how big she is. Love the family shots too.

carla - Love. I can’t believe she is 2. I feel like I was just seeing baby pictures of her. So cute. Love the family pics too.

tracey - She is sooooo adorable and that light is so lovely. :)

Naomi - So darn cute. That dress and boots. Holy cute! Lovely!

Andrea - SO cute! Wasn’t she just born?! She is adorable. :-)

Mindy lee - I just can’t stop looking at them! You capture her so perfectly Stacey.

Karli - Oh wow Stacey, these are STUNNING. There were several that made me gasp out loud. Your sister must be thrilled!! Gorgeous as always. :-)

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