their first day of first and fourth grade


Today was their first day of first and fourth grade.

I didn’t sleep well.

The alarm went off at 6:50, but I had been up for awhile.

They both got up about the same time and got dressed in the clothes we had laid out the night before.

They can’t be this old.

Darin stayed home and made homemade Belgium chocolate chip waffles for breakfast for them.

He’s awesome.

The kids only ate a fraction of what they normally would.


Eli wore neon socks.

He’s also awesome.

They actually willingly came outside for the obligatory first day of school photos without any complaining.

They must have known their mother was on the verge of an emotional breakdown.

I asked Evie if she would help Eli find his locker and classroom because he was nervous about finding his locker and classroom.

She promised she would.

She’s also awesome.

We all huddled and Darin prayed for the kids before leaving for the bus.

We left for the walk to the bus stop a little late because the bus is always late on the first day.

The bus was not late and we nearly missed the bus.

Evie was so cute in how she guided Eli to the bus, putting her arm around him.

Eli turned around and waved goodbye as he stepped on the bus, melt my heart.

I teared up but held it together as the bus drove away.

I cried the ugly cry when we got home and was thankful Darin took the day off.

I then realized I had not had any coffee.

We took Leo for a run and then went and got brunch and that coffee.

I cried a little more.

But was better after some caffeine.

D and I had a nice time together.

We came home and I baked cookies.

We went and picked them up from the bus, leaving early to make sure we would see them get off the bus.

The bus was late.

They ran off the bus and we gave them hugs.

They had a good day.

I was happy to see them.

I missed them.

But I’m so happy they had a good day.

And the first day is behind us.

Love these kids so much…..


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gina - I love these photos and cried an ugly cry at Target on the first day of school. Wow. This is why we are friends. xo

Heather - Oh Stacey, so glad you made it through the first day. Adore these photos. I just love seeing how you capture your life. And I’m soaking up Michelle’s advice and gonna do my best to enjoy every moment that mine are home. Seriously, time goes too quickly. Hugs!

michelle - I did the same thing when Aaron started all day first grade. Ken took the morning off and we sat in Starbucks together. Not speaking. With me snuffling into my coffee. I’m so glad you had D to spend the day with. And Leo. :)
It’s not an easy thing letting our kids more and more out into the world without us. My very best hindsight advice… make your afternoons/evenings as much about family as possible. Before you know it you are dragging your Junior and Sophmore to the porch for First Day pics and counting down the months until graduation.

Love you.

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