the night before first and fourth grade


Another year has gone by.  I feel like it was just yesterday and I was dragging my kids out into the beautiful Labor Day light to take the yearly “night before” photos before kindergarten and third grade.  Now it’s the eve of first and fourth grade.  Our summer is over.  It went too fast.

I got a mandatory from work again this year so I could spend the day with them.  It was a low key one.  They played with friends.  We had sweet corn for supper.  They showered and ate ice cream in their PJ’s.  We snuggled on the couch.  Evie’s head on Darin’s chest, and Eli cuddled up in a ball on my lap.  I was all chipper and smiles as I tucked them in and prayed through my tears, thankful it was dark so they couldn’t see them.  I’m trying not to think about the several times the past weeks that Eli burst into tears when asked about first grade and through the tears said, “But I’m gonna miss you, mom!”  I’m trying not to think about the big hug Evie gave me earlier today saying she was nervous about starting and that she wasn’t quite ready to go back.  I know it will be fine, and I know they will do fine, but it’s always a rough one for me.  Always.  And I think that’s okay.

It will be the first time, EVER, that I won’t have a child home with me at some point during the day.  That they will BOTH be gone for seven hours.  I thought sending Evie off to first grade was harder than kindergarten.  And wow, sending Eli is like 10 times harder.  Because he’s my youngest.  And this is it.  And I know I will be fine.  I’m honestly kind of sick of the, “What are you going to do all day, Stacey?” questions.  I’ll keep myself busy, don’t you worry.  I’m just going to miss them.  Always.  And I think that’s okay.

So here are the photos from what has become a yearly tradition.  Tomorrow we will all start a new adventure.  Deep breaths. Lots of prayers.  And big smiles when I look at what awesome little people they have become.


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gina - I love that you take these…how do you get everything done? Amazing and beautiful!

love, love, love.

Ana - I always marvel at your posts.
So sincere and genuine. Beautiful photos to go with beautiful words.
And my goodness… your children are just beautiful too, just like their mama!

georgia - oh my… seventh from the bottom frame. that is a Keeper. a Framer. such a telling shot of your two kiddos and their relationship with each other. love them all… but that one! that last shot is pretty great, too. so crazy to see Eli so grown. i remember back when he seemed more like what isaac’s age is now. hard to picture {just like it was back then} isaac as eli’s age. and evie… she’s so grown up now, too. i love her glasses. she looks so happy, and that makes me glad. love this tradition.

Naomi - So how’d it go?! They are growing up! Evie looks so much older in those glasses. They are cute :) hope everything went well for everyone!

Andrea - Cuties. Hope you kept busy and had a good day! And Skyped H. ;-) luckily I’ve got six years before I send little miss E off.

Heather M. - Oh Stacey, it’s so good to see their smiling faces up on your blog again. :) I’ve missed it. I can’t get over how much Evie has grown. She looks so much older with her glasses. She’s just beautiful, like her mama. And Eli too. He’s so big and such a handsome guy. I hope they both have wonderful days. Hugs mama. Wish we could hang out while our kids are at school. Skype date maybe?! Miss you!

carla - Love, love, love!
I look forward to these before school pictures. I can’t believe how grown up they’re looking! Evie is not a little girl anymore. She is looking so much like a young lady. While I see resemblance to you, I see a lot of Darin in her.
We have that same shirt as Eli at our house. Dying over that last picture of him! Love it. Again, looking so big.
Beautiful pictures, beautiful children!

Wishing you luck on this new journey for you. :)

jean - i bet that does get old, that question they be asking you.

summer did go by fast. too fast. i felt as if i was just saying good bye to my students and tomorrow, we are back at it.

your children are looking more and more beautiful! they have grown into amazing little people because they have wonderful people around them to model it. :)

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