paddle on


I’m sitting here tonight writing a blog post after being silent for almost a month and I’m not sure how to start or what to say because I have the typical end of summer emotions going on that makes it nearly impossible for me to do just about anything (except type a long run-on sentence).

I’m still on a high from last weekend and time with friends on the lake.  It was wonderful.

I still have a pit in my stomach about meeting their teachers today.  About seeing “4th grade” next to Evie’s name and seeing Eli walk into his first grade classroom, the one he’ll be at all day.  ALL DAY.

I still feel overwhelmed after uploading a bunch of photos from the past few months onto my computer, looking through them and tearing up and remembering what a lovely summer it’s been.

I’m feeling happy and anxious and proud and scared and grateful and tired….all at the same time.  I guess this is what the end of summer does to me.  As if I’m not emotional enough.

I’ll be back to regular blogging soon.  I looked back on this space today and missed it.  Because I’ve come to realize that it’s been like a family journal for me, and one that I want to keep up with.

For now I’ll just keep paddling on, trying to keep my emotions in check, as I soak up every last little bit of summer.  12 days before school starts.  Not that I’m counting…

gina - soaking up every last bit of summer is the best thing you can be doing right now….take it from your friend who had to say goodbye to summer last monday. boo. big hugs.

Naomi - The last few days of summer are bittersweet for me. Summer went by much much too quickly….im enjoying the laid back, no agenda days…not ready for the structure of school to start! But, owen is ready. The bickering has started–im ready for that to be over. Ha! Enjoy your last days of summer. Soak them up! Lovely pic too. xo

michelle - xo Love you, Stacey. Have missed reading your thoughts here but think that stepping away from the blog to spend time with your kids and friends can’t be anything but good for you. Enjoy your remaining days of summer.

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