over half way done


We just returned from a week in the Dells.  After a weird weather summer with lots of rain and unseasonably cool temps, we had PERFECT warmth and sun (and yes, humidity).  Our kids love the waterparks and pools and they swam and played and soaked up lots of Vitamin D.  No schedules, no reading minutes, no bedtimes, just fun.  We loved having Darin home for 10 days and loved having Nana join us.  I will admit I have a little bit of the vacation blues today.  I think it also has to do with the fact that August is right around the corner, and summer is over half way done, and the school supplies are out in the stores.  And I’m not ready for summer to be over yet.

This summer has been different for me.  I’ve hardly lifted my camera.  My computer has barely been opened.  I’ve been horrible at replying to emails or keeping up with day to day things, because I’m just too busy soaking up this time.  Walking Leo, sitting on the porch while the kids play with the neighbors, lazy mornings, swimming, the lake, the boat, ice cream, late suppers, no schedule and no routine.  I was talking to a friend yesterday who said she’s starting to be ready for school to start again.  And sure, I’m missing my free time a bit and the kids sometimes get on my nerves, but I’m not ready.  I’m so not ready.

So forgive me if you don’t see much of me here on the blog the next few weeks.  I haven’t been able to find the energy to sit at this computer and edit photos and write.  Instead I’ll be sitting on my deck with a glass of lemonade or a cider beer, watching Darin throw the frisbee for Leo, and listening to my kids pretend in the backyard.  I’ll be anticipating a few more weekends on the lake with good friends and family.  I’ll be celebrating my husband’s birthday and biking to the road side veggie stand and maybe going to the fair.  Summer is so very short.  So I’ll be enjoy every last minute of it.


Naomi - Im in the same boat. Im loving the laziness…no agendas. Im not ready either. I think we were cheated of another full summer because of the wonky weather!

Heather M. - amen friend. feeling the same thing here. :)

michelle - I’m totally feeling you on the break from emailing, being on the computer, taking photos. This has been the summer of just BEING present for me and I’m loving it. And it sounds like you are loving your version of it, too. So glad your family had that awesome time together.

And so glad it was humid. ;)

Jean - You seem to be picking the perfect week for the Dells!

I know… I barely touched my camera & I don’t even have Internet at home so I barely touch my laptop!

I am, but not really ready for work. The flip side is, it’s five minutes away!

Andrea - Enjoy your time away from the camera and PC!

Tracey - Yep. Totally get it. :)

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