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Life has been busy, and even though we are in the middle of a wonderful summer and you’d think I’d have the time to update my blog, I really haven’t.  Either that or I just haven’t wanted to.  Days have been spent keeping busy with the kids, bedtimes go later into the evening, and summer weekends off work are precious and every single moment has been soaked up to its fullest.  Which has left little to no computer time for me. Which has been a needed and welcomed change.  But I thought I’d take a few minutes today to give some random updates on what’s being going on around here.



We had a great 4th.  We spent the weekend on the lake, in the water, and soaking up the sun (while trying to avoid getting eaten alive by mosquitoes).  The weather was perfect.  It was one of those weekends I wish would have never ended.

Evie is so so cute with Haddie.  She keeps her entertained and talks to her in this cute little voice.  She’s going to make a great babysitter someday.  (I can’t believe my baby will be a babysitter in a few short years.)

The kids went tubing for the first time.  Evie was a little apprehensive at first, but eventually climbed in and went for a ride, and then ended up loving it.  Even Leo and I hopped in the tube.  :)  Maybe one of these days we’ll get them up on skis.

I love that my kids love to swim.  They are both taking lessons again this summer and are doing awesome.  Eli braved the diving board for the first time.  Once he had the courage to jump once, he did it over and over and over again.  They both even tried the “Aqua-climb” and had their turns at climbing up the rock wall in the pool.  They would live in the water in the summer if I let them.



They are both in a few little camps during the summer which they have loved.  Eli had a soccer camp in June and has another one the end of this month.  And Evie is in an art camp this week and will do another one in August.  It’s been just enough to keep me sane.

Last month we went to Mountain Lake for our annual birthday party with all the cousins (I’ll post pictures some day!).  Unfortunately the carnival and parade were rained out, but we still had a wonderful time.  Love that my kids have cousins so close in age, love the time spent with them.

The kids are counting down to our trip to the Dells again this summer.  And I am praying for the return of hot and humid weather for our trip.  Yes, I am the crazy woman who prays for hot and humid weather because mama does not like to be cold in a pool!  (And I secretly love hot and humid weather.  I belong in Florida.)



Yesterday Darin and I celebrated 14 years of marriage.  My mom watched the kids so we could go out for supper (thanks mom!), and we went downtown to Smack Shack and had yummy drinks and food like lobster guacamole and clam chowder and crab legs and red velvet boston cream pie.  SO good.  Even better was the time spent with my husband who I love more now than 14 years ago when I said “I do”.  (Cheesy but true.)

We’ve managed to get in a few dates this summer which has been so nice.  A few weeks ago we went to one of our favorite places in the city, Broder’s, and then picked up some friends for some drinks.  I think our sitter was a little surprised when the old couple didn’t arrive home until 12:30am.  Next week we are headed to a Twins game.  Yay for date nights.

We’ve also been having weekly family nights where we try to do something fun with the kids.  Last week we took them strawberry picking and picked lots of sweet and yummy berries.  The kids loved it and we are all currently loving the jam Darin stayed up very late making.  My husband makes jam, see why I adore him?



I have kept our local McDonald’s in business by getting caramel iced coffees nearly every day the past few weeks.  They are a fraction of the cost of Caribou so I figure I’m only benefiting our pocketbook, right?

I randomly got strep throat last week.  Strep throat as an adult = no fun.  Middle of the summer sickness that put me out for the count for a few days.  Thankfully the rest of my family has not gotten it and I was able to get in and treated before the holiday weekend.

I received my first stitch fix in the mail last month.  It’s this awesome service that mails clothes to you, which means I don’t have to go to a store, which is awesome.  I kept some great teal jeans and a cute blouse and I already have another fix scheduled.  If you are interested visit this link and schedule your own fix.  If you go through my referral link I’ll get a referral credit and then I’ll give you a big hug.

We listen to Christian music around here.  Whether it’s Hillsong Pandora station at home or  KTIS in the car, it’s usually on.  Sure, I listen to other stuff sometimes, but when the kids are around it’s the Christian stuff that’s usually on.  I have become that mom. When you hear your kids singing those songs along in the car, or Eli humming Oceans while he’s playing Legos, or Evie belting out Mandisa in her room….it’s awesome to know that they are being encouraged without even knowing it.  Here are a few of our favorites as of late:  Fix My Eyes, Start a Fire, Multiplied, Press On, and The Broken Beautiful.

I love my kids at this age.  They are independent enough this year that I can send them outside on their own to play with the neighbor kids, which they do daily.  Sometimes it’s hard for me to let go and trust them, but I can see that it’s a good thing.  I’ve read how unsupervised unstructured play time is really the best thing for our kids.  It’s so great that we live in a wonderful neighborhood where there never is a shortage of kids to fulfill this.



Life is better with a tan, is it not?  Vitamin D this year has been so good for my soul.  It was a long winter and this summer break has been just what my family has needed.  I just need it to slow down just a bit.

And with that I’m off to go pick up Evie at her art camp and see what kind of masterpiece she has painted.  Until next time, friends….


gina - i love this, I love all of it….big hugs.

Tracey - Totally got stuck on the fact that D makes jam. What a gem you have!
And I got stuck on the fact that you love hot and humid weather. Ugh. I’m lethargic just thinking about it!! Ha!
These photos are wonderful. I can feel summer in them!

Naomi - Sounds like you’re keeping busy! I’m loving summer–somehow we’ve managed to keep busy even if we haven’t been doing much! :) I’m just loving the weather and the do-nothing days with no schedules… It is going by quite quickly isn’t it?!

michelle - Oh Leo. So darling all sopping wet. :) He really got adopted by the perfect family.
And isn’t it fun getting the StitchFix box in the mail. When you open it, it feels like opening a gift. I have several things from them that I really like and wear a lot.

Keep on enjoying your hot humid weather. We are off to the coast to get away from the heat. Ha. Different strokes for different folks. ;)

Andrea - You’re such a good mom! :-)
Enjoy your summer and your hot humid weather (ack!).

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