her first day of nine


Today she turned nine.  I can’t believe nine years have passed since I cried in an operating room after hearing her first cry.

I’m not sure when she woke up.  She quietly went downstairs and played the iPad and I came down to find Eli sitting next to her, a huge smile on her face.  She was smiles all day.  She read her note from Daddy and we had our traditional birthday breakfast.  She choose cream filled long johns.  The ones that daddy gets her on my weekends to work, her favorite.  We sang Happy Birthday and she let Eli help blow out her candle.  We drove Eli to soccer camp and I told her we could do whatever she wanted.  She decided to go home and decorate her birthday cake and then go and get a “yummy coffee drink”.  For her birthday party this year she decided to have a few friends to swim at Nana’s pool, just like last year.  It’s so fun watching her swim.  After her party we went home and waited for Daddy, played with Leo in the yard, and then went out for supper to her choice, Applebee’s.  She specifically requested that we not tell the server it was her birthday.  She didn’t want the whole restaurant to sing to her.  We came home and opened presents.  She got new roller blades and a new bike.  She blew out her nine candles and ate cake and ice cream before playing outside with her friends until the mosquitoes were too much to bare.  She climbed into bed at close to 10:00 and we snuggled and I told her what I was doing at that exact same moment 9 years ago.  I was snuggling her for the first time.  After a long day of labor and surgery and just seeing her for a split second in the operating room, I was finally in my room and holding her after waiting for so long.  She smiled and I teared up and I hugged her and told her how much I love her. Oh how I love her.

Happy Birthday sweet girl.  You have grown up so much this year.  How wonderful it has been for me to watch you grow into this amazing girl.  You are a blessing, you are special, and you are so very loved.

Heather - Love this. Such an awesome series of photos. Love how you make their birthdays so special.

gina - this is a beautiful post! You are such a great Mom and make everyone so special for your 2 E’s. They are so blessed to have you for a Mom.

Naomi - I was wondering where your “first day of” post was. :) it never showed up in my bloglovin’ feed! Anyways, looks like she had a great first day being nine!

michelle - Your birthday posts are becoming my very favorite thing on your blog. I love that you have the early morning traditions. I love seeing the sprinkles on the milk cup and the picture taken at the table. I love that you always seem to manage a family photo. And I just love the quiet vibe birthdays at your house have. You guys make the birthday person the star for the day and yet there still seems to be a serenity at your house. Happy Birthday, Evie!! :)

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