her last day of eight



I cried while editing these photos.  I think I was crying because she is ready to be nine.  And I think I’m ready for her to be nine.  I think I’m ready for a new year with her, for seeing what God has in store for her, for watching her grow and bloom and shine.

Normally I’m not ready.  But for some reason this year I am.  I kind of like that feeling.  That feeling like through her, God is causing me to grow up a little bit, too.

Here she is….her last day of eight.  Right before bed tonight.  My heart is full of love for her.


Naomi - These are very sweet. Love the black and white!

Janine - Beautiful! Love the emotion. Jx

Heather M. - Oh friend, tears in my eyes. Your words, these photos and that girl are so beautiful. I love how happy she looks in these photos and how you can just feel how much she loves you by the way she looks at your camera (just as Michelle said). I’m praying that nine is an incredible year for her (and you). xoxo

Andrea - She looks so grown up in these! She looks nine. I’m happy to hear you are ready for nine. Beautiful photos of a beautiful girl. :-)

Tracey Morris - Such great photos and such a beautiful girl! Happy Birthday Evie!!

Michelle - What a profound post, S. I know that probably wasn’t your intention but you hit on a true phenomenon there. Being ready for what’s next and new and growing up WITH our kids. It’s so true. I love these photos. You can see the relationship she has with you by the way her face looks into your camera. So great. I hope the last day of 8 was great! :)

gina - so sweet! and tell me, how did you find the energy to do this last night?!?! I was in bed by 9:30pm! Big hugs. Happy happy birthday to your sweet girl!!!!!

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