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A few months ago I was asked to shoot a wedding back home.  Basically out in the country.  A small gathering in the backyard of the church, next door to the bride’s parent’s home.  An outdoor ceremony with wooden benches and a picnic reception with yard games.  And the bride had plans for photos all around the tiny farm town, including a few underneath a beautiful tree on the edge of a field which has been an iconic fixture in the county for many years.  In pre-wedding correspondence the bride wrote to me, “It will (hopefully) be an easygoing, simple, and lovely kind of day. That’s what I want it to be. Then the real adventure starts!”  Then the real adventure starts, or so she thought.

Their wedding day came and so did the rain. And the wind. And not just a light rain or a gentle wind.  I’m talking torrential downpours and 30mph winds. Let’s just say umbrellas do not work so well in that kind of weather.  The outdoor wedding and reception was pushed indoors. And we were forced to think fast with any kind of wedding photos. While the rain came down in sheets the couple had their first look on the porch.  And when asked, were up for the challenge of still going out and getting that photo she so desperately wanted underneath that walnut tree in the field.  God granted us a tiny break in the rain (from sheets to drops) and we went to the gorgeous spot.  With shoes caked in mud, we snapped photos there before it started pouring again.  It definitely was an adventure.

I love that this couple, two amazing artists that met at church, were up for the adventure of the photos.  But I also love what the bride said before her big day.  She realized that it’s not really about the wedding, it’s about the marriage.  It’s about the adventure that starts right after saying “I do”.  When you turn that page and you are husband and wife and you start a new chapter.  Together.  When I think of their wedding day I will always picture the two of them under that tree hand in hand, underneath the canopy of leaves while the rain came down, being sheltered and protected by a loving God who will guide them in whatever adventures their marriage takes them.

Two days after taking that photo, a huge storm blew through southern Minnesota.  The walnut tree that they stood under was severely damaged by wind or lightening and half of it came down.  I’m so happy we braved the weather to capture it one last time.

Here is their wedding story (music by Joshua Radin)…


gina - I keep meaning to tell you how awesome these are and the tree photo….so beautiful! What a stressful day and you did great! (As per usual.)

Heather M. - Oh and those photos of her and her dad (I’m guessing) on the porch are so beautiful.

Heather M. - Oh Stacey, that tree photo is amazing, absolutely stunning and totally worth the muddy wet trek especially considering what happened to it after. So sad.

Adore these photos, the way you captured the details of their day and the way you worked through the circumstances.

And that is one serious beard!

georgia - this is one of the sweetest weddings i have ever seen photos of. and your photos are just perfect.

Tracey Morris - Love all of the details you captured and I think that bw tree one is gonna have to be blown up and put on a wall! Sooooooo good!

Michelle - Stacey, these are beautiful. I looked through each photo and could just feel the day unfolding. I know that scrapping “the plan” and shooting a wedding on the fly is not fun but from these gorgeous photos you’d never know that you guys were flying by the seat of your pants. Absolutely beautiful photos and a beautiful couple. The details of their day were so sweet. And that church. GORGEOUS! :)

The tree picture was worth the muddy trek, too. STUNNING>

naomi - well i think these turned out lovely under the unfortunate weather circumstances. I do love the ones on that porch!

sara - that tree.

love them all.

you truly told their story!

Andrea - So pretty. :-)

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