10 on 10: 10 minutes in the pillows


So I obviously have a thing with my boy in our bedroom right before bedtime.  I think there’s just something about the light and the cuteness of kids in PJ’s, and maybe it’s because lately it’s the only time of day I remember to pick up my camera.  This particular night he was waiting for his sister to finish her bath and was playing around in our pillows that were on the floor.  His skin is already getting tan, his hair already getting blonde, from the little bit of summer that we’ve had.

I’m soaking up every bit of sweetness he has right now.  This morning he came and sat in my lap on the couch for a good 15 minutes.  I know those times are fleeting.  His smile and his little giggle….wanting to bottle it up for summers to come.


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Breanna - so good! you tell stories so well with your camera <3

Lamb Loves Fox - Oh, he is just too sweet! It’s so sad when your babies grow up right before your eyes. Sigh.

kari - I’m mesmerized by the first image. There is mystery, story in it.

Annie - These are so are so great! His smile makes me so happy and I love those Star War jammies:)

Missy Day - Is it weird that I’m totally eyeing that bedspread, wondering where I can get one of my own? :) Haha. Love these!

jen downer - sweet, important moments! beautifully recorded.

Andrea - Lovely photos! What Michelle said – love the cool tones. Looks very relaxing.

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michelle - I’ve been forgetting to pick up my camera for a while now. I wonder if Aaron would go for this? ;)

I love your room. It looks so quiet and restful with the dark wood and beautiful cool tones.

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