summer is here



We slept in.  (Correction: I slept in.  The kids were still up at the crack of dawn.)

We stayed in our PJ’s until late morning.

I sipped my second cup of coffee while they played with the neighbors.

We ran a few errands with the windows down.

We ate lunch together and talked about our summer plans.

I sat on the porch while they played in the front yard.

We went to Nana’s pool and swam away the afternoon.

She read with wet hair as Daddy got home from work.

We took a family walk after supper to the park.

We let them play outside until dark.

They went to bed sun kissed at 10:00.

Summer is here.


gina - perfection! love the photo of evie!!!!

michelle - JEALOUS!

We are on the last week of school here and it’s Finals week which means it is the last week of school with the most rigorous testing and assignments due. Not cool, High School.

I love the summer photos on your blog. I keep thinking, “Phew, they made it to summer!” :)

Tracey - Oh so wonderful!!! So glad summer is here!

Heather - Sounds like a wonderful start to summer vacation!

Jenn - Sounds like an amazing day! Enjoy the sunshine.

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