last day of kindergarten and third grade


They say each year goes faster and faster.  Yep.  Wow.  I feel like yesterday was their first day.  I was sending my baby off to kindergarten and my sweet girl off to third grade.  And just like that they are done.

It’s been a year.  Let’s just say that I think I’m learning just as much as them as they grow older.  I’m sharing in their growing pains.  Sharing in their joys and hard times and successes and challenges.  Sharing in their anxieties and excitement.  Sending them off this year has taught me lots of lessons.  And I’ll continue to learn, just like them.  But for now, we are all ready for a break and ready for summer.

We were blessed with wonderful teachers, and I went in to tell them thank you on the last day.  Of-course, I cried.  I think I got even more emotional on the last day of school than the first.  What is wrong with me?  Evie will have the same teacher again next year and I’m certain she thinks I’m crazy.  Thankfully Eli’s teacher teared up before I did; she was such a special kindergarten teacher and will be missed greatly.

So here are the last day of school pics.  I’m pretty sure Evie grew about 6 inches this year.  And Eli is losing his “little boy” look.  (Click here to see what I mean.) I love them so very much and am so very proud of them.  I can not wait to spend the summer with them.


michelle - Aww.. the teacher/kid photos are precious! And I love that you cry. I shed a lot more tears now and I think I credit/blame it on you and Heather. You guys have shown me the beauty of tears. xo

And yes, “they” are right. It does go faster and faster, each year.

Tracey - Wow! They really have grown. I love how they are tan on their first day of school from all that summer play. Last day of school they are still winter white. Evie has really grown a ton. I can see how tall she has grown for sure! And Eli’s face has really matured. And summer will go by so fast it will be over before we know it. I want to take it slowly!!!

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