the past two weeks I….


What have I been up to the past two weeks away from this space?  Well, I….


have watched the weather turn from rainy, cold, and depressing to sunny, warm, and exhilarating.

have noticed a huge change in my mood due to said weather.

had six kindergarten aged boys in my house for Eli’s first “friend” birthday party.

vowed to have the next friend birthday party outside of my home and have someone else or somewhere else do the entertaining.

said goodbye to our mini-van of 6 years and hello to a SUV.

teared up at saying goodbye to our mini-van of 6 years because it’s kind of like saying goodbye to a loyal friend.  My babies grew up in that minivan.

have received texts, phone calls, and emails from friends checking up on me.

have felt the prayers of those that know it’s been a challenging few months for me.

have, (or Darin has), bought a new coffee maker after the apparent demise of our faithful caffeine producer.

realized that our faithful caffeine producer was still actually working after using the new coffee maker, so now we have two coffee makers.  One can not have too many coffee makers??

have been counting down the last few days of school in excited anticipation for summer and no schedules and having my kids around 24/7.

have been counting down the last few days of school in not so excited anticipation for summer and no schedules and having my kids around 24/7.

have been mostly counting down the last few days of school in excited anticipation for summer and no schedules and having my kids around 24/7.

have been eating up my last few mornings alone with Eli before he is in school full time next year.

have been lamenting over how fast this year has gone.  Love that boy so much.

have been working, delivering babies.

delivered a baby that was named “Evelyn” and thought about how my own sweet Evelyn has grown and matured this past year. Love her so much.

have had to deal with some of my own “issues”.

have seen how God uses a simple children’s devotional that I read to my kids at bed helps me deal with my “issues”.

went to a yoga class for the first time in months.

had sore muscles for a week because of said yoga class.

went on a date with Darin to a new to us restaurant in Uptown.

have been reminded of the importance of dating my husband.

have fixed the dead grass spots in our front yard as a result from Mr. Leo.

have taken Leo for multiple runs, walks, trips to the park with the kids, or frisbee runs and could care less about our less than perfect front yard because our dog is awesome.

finished the book “Divergent” while sitting on the deck soaking up the sun.

much preferred “The Hunger Games”, but if I can get past the not so great writing of the series, I might have to read the rest of the books just to see what happens.

have watched my kids play with the neighbor kids in our backyard.

have once again realized that we are blessed with wonderful neighbors and a wonderful back yard and seeing them run in the grass and play together in the beautiful sunlight makes my heart happy.


Happy Friday, friends.


gina - I love the photos and ditto to everything you said!!! xoxo

Tracey - Love seeing them running around in shorts and tshirts in all that wonderful light! So glad you are seeing better weather and feeling your spirits lift!

Laura - GORGEOUS light in these photos!! I’m so glad you have better weather, it’s certainly about time! I hear you on the excited/not so excited about summer bit!!!!! I’m sure it’ll be fun, but eeeeks! Thank goodness for neighbor friends to play with…

Heather M. - yay for an update! absolutely love seeing sun and shorts and green in your photos. and evie looks so happy in these photos. so good. :)

michelle - Yes, Divergent is not as good as the Hunger Games but it’s still a great excuse to lay on the deck and read. :)

Yay for yoga. I put (or attempted to put) my arms back in an old favorite yoga stretch this week and couldn’t. Swimming has tightened up my shoulders so much that I’m now unable to use my arms in other ways. I’ve declared yoga must be a consistent part of my life. Although I’m not looking forward to being sore for a week. ;)

And dog spots in the yard. They are the price we pay for having loyal friends. I like to think of them as home safety spots. Burglers prowling the streets see those spots in our yards and move on to a house with no dog. Safety spots!! Yes.

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