the back yard


The other night the kids were playing in the back yard with their neighbor friends and we let Leo out to join them.  They chased him, and let him chase them, and threw tennis balls for him to catch, and laughed and ran and played.  I watched from our deck and smiled and grabbed my camera so I could capture the fun they were having.

I’m so thankful for a big back yard and that our neighbor kids feel welcome there.  Seeing my E’s play with their friends and play with our dog made my heart feel very full and content.

As Leo was getting a bit worn out I looked down to see my sweet Evie love him up as he rested, my Eli somersaulting through the scene.


I never want to take for granted the simple joy that a back yard can bring.

Heather - Looks like so much fun! My kids would have been ripping around screaming along too. Love your backyard, what an incredible space!

michelle - Yes. Backyards (and front yards and streets) full of kids and dogs are the highlight of the suburbs. Such a lovely scene. And nobody plays better with kids than Goldens.

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