a ray of sunshine


You may remember this sweetheart from a previous blog post.  I took photos of her almost exactly a year ago jumping on this exact same bed (on the blanket that now resides in my home, God bless my mother-in-law).  She is my adorable niece who I just can’t get enough of.  Seriously.  I could just eat her up she’s so cute.  I want to take her home in my pocket.  The way she talks and walks and climbs up into my lap and asks, “Play games on your phone peese?”.  She is perfectly three and a perfect mix of trouble and snuggles.  I couldn’t help but follow her around with my camera and capture her jumping on that bed once again (on a different quilt which I would also love to reside in my home someday).

Enjoy this little spunky ray of sunshine.  Lord knows us Minnesotans need any kind of sunshine we can get right now!


Tracey - The light in these photos is just so beautiful. And wait, is this your sister’s baby? Cause she’s grown a ton if so!

Heather - Adore these photos, Stacey! The light and was you exposed just scream Stacey! You have such a gift. :)

Andrea - What a cutie! I do remember those photos from last year. The quilt in these photos is gorgeous!
Such beautiful low light photos.

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