I think as moms we can all relate to this statement:  “I wish I could just pause time and make them stop growing up.”  Am I right?  I’ve been guilty of probably saying it about ten times the past few weeks as Eli’s birthday approaches, or as Evie stands another inch taller, or as they both become more independent and less little.

But, as we all know, we can’t pause time.  They are going to grow up.  And I know that this is a good thing.  It’s been awesome seeing them learn and change and turn into these wonderful and amazing kids.  Who won’t be kids too much longer.  I wish I could just pause time and make them stop growing up.  See?  I’m doing it again.

So yes, I know I can’t pause time.  But I can pause.  There is a difference.  Pausing time….impossible.  Pausing….very possible.  And something I’ve been working on doing.  Pausing to sit down and read with Eli.  Pausing to snuggle Evie on the couch after a long day at school.  Pausing to pray with them when needed.  Pausing to bake some cookies when I know it will cheer her up.  Pausing to sit at the table and watch him build Legos.  Pausing to give her a hug and him a kiss on the way out the door.

Pausing to grab my camera as I see her in the muted rainy light as she’s getting her coat on as we head out to school.  Capturing her after we had a good morning, after she just giggled at something funny her brother said, after she just told me she’ll miss me, after Eli already went out to the van in his PJ’s and barefeet waiting for me to drive Evie to school.  Pausing to capture her and the feeling of my heart being so full.


Heather M. - i love you and your beautiful heart and the way you remind me to live more mindfully (resisting the urge to say intentionally ;) ). she’s beautiful and i love how content she looks in these photos.

michelle - This is an extremely powerful concept. As the kids get older it’s an easy thing to forget as life seems to speed up and everyone goes their separate ways. It’s a gift for our kids and a gift for us and I’m so thankful for your reminder.

Praying for your family.

Andrea - Oh she looks so grown up! And so very much like you. I agree with Georgia – especially in the last one. It’s funny you talk of taking pause – doing this so much more with Erin. Even though she hasn’t been the easiest baby lately, I’m still soaking it all in. I was given another chance to enjoy these baby stages and I’m trying to gobble it all up. And take lots of pictures. ;-)

georgia - wow… she looks just like you in that last photo. love that one and the one with her head tilted. lovely light, indeed.

yes… just a few days ago brac and i were having this discussion. isaac is so cute with his conversations right now. and whenever we ride in the car, he uses this extra sweet and innocent voice that slays us. it’s so pure and full of wonder, and we know that he won’t always sound that way, and we can’t bear that thought. his size it perfect for picking up right now. the day i can no longer pick him up to snuggle him and tell him i love him… and gobble him. i’ll miss how much he shows his dependence on me. oh, of course i could go on, but that would be pointless. it’s an ache that comes hand in hand with joy to watch certain stages slip away and new ones come along. but i find comfort in knowing that you feel this way with your kids at this stage, as isaac is only three. it means there is so much to look forward to even when there is so much behind us that i miss.

now i must go catch up on some long over-due reading here.

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