seeing green


It’s raining here today.  And even though it’s cold and it’s wet, I’m happy because of two things.  One, it’s not snow.  (Can I get an Amen?)  And two, it’s making all the brown turn green.  From my couch right now I can see tiny little green buds appearing on the trees in the preserve behind our house.  Our grass is becoming more bright.  Leafy plants are starting to unearth themselves from the dirt.  It’s been a LONG time since we’ve seen green, so I’m anxious for what I know the rain will bring.

And while we wait for that, I thought I’d share some photos from my trip California back in January.  A visit to the redwoods in all of their tall and green splendor.  I had never seen anything like it.  Walking through that forrest with my friends at dusk was somewhat of a spiritual experience.

So until I can share some green of our own, here you go…



Tracey - So so so so beautiful! I love that place and I am glad you got to experience it!!!

georgia - even though i have been there and i know just how big those trees are, i am glad you included people in these shots so that i can have a frame of reference. what beauty! majestic and awe-inspiring. that third from the last frame… with the camera pointed up… WOW. very cool shot!

Heather - Stacey, these photos. Breathtaking. It was like a spiritual experience. I agree. So glad things are finally turning green there! Yay! There are a few things poking through in my flower beds this week and it makes me so happy. Happy spring, dear friend!

michelle - Last year we were at the plant nursery and I found a baby redwood tree. I’m still considering planting some on our hill. To put all the pine trees to shame. ;)

I totally hear you on embracing the rain for what it brings with it. April Showers bring May Flowers. It’s been raining here all week, too. Yay!! :)

Jean - I hope to one day visit these redwoods! These are beautiful! Excited to see some green, too.

Andrea - So pretty! We have trees like that up here. All the rain is annoying but it’s always green here. ;-) what lens did you use to take these? 35?

carla - Amen.

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