Lately I’ve been…

baking…. oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

drinking…. orange juice with ice.

wanting…. to go on a vacation.

looking…. for new things for our freshly painted walls.

listening…. to Hillsong Pandora station, worship music has been what is good for me lately.



reading….  The Art of Hearing Heartbeats, after not reading anything from my list for over a month.

waiting…. for spring to come.

liking…. him and the cute things he says and does, like pinky swearing with me that he’ll be my snuggler forever.

snapping…. photos of him in the afternoon light.

wondering…. what I can do to help.

loving…. His perfect timing.

hoping…. for a quiet and quick work weekend.



marveling…. at what an awesome reader he is.

smiling…. at hearing her sing again.

needing…. to be more consistent with exercise, it’s good for my mood.

smelling…. my sweet puppy on my lap.

wearing…. my comfy pants and new Athleta hoodie and slipper boots.

praying…. about how to muddle through this parenting thing, and praying for other parent friends muddling through this parenting thing.

learning…. how to trust.



enjoying…. couch time with D after the kids are in bed with nightly Jimmy Fallon.

noticing…. tiny buds on the trees.

thinking…. about our summer plans.

knowing…. He will be faithful.

focusing…. on being more intentional.

feeling…. tired and weary

yet full and grateful.


georgia - precious. love those first two shots. this is like my taking stock post, but a different order. it’s the perfect way to document or catch a glimpse of the days. i should be doing this more, because there is so little work. it’s like filling in the blanks. when i find it hard to write as i have lately, i love to resort to this post. but for some reason, i haven’t even been able to do these lately. i think getting back on fb eats up all my chopped up free time. i was a lot more consistent of a blogger when i was off fb. =)

anyway, maybe i’ll do another soon.

orange juice with ice, hah? never heard of anyone do that. i will have to try. and i am very curious about the book you are reading. such an intriguing title. would love to know more about it… and what you think of it.

Nikki Sinclair - Stacey – A book that I am currently reading is called Calm My Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow. If you haven’t already read it I highly recommend. :) Happy Easter! -Nikki

michelle - Beautiful post. Such sweet photos of such a sweet boy.
I love you S. More than words.


Naomi - He is so darn cute. Such sweet pics…
I am soooo ready for spring. So ready. I want to see blossoms and green..none of this brown crap!
I really enjoyed the art of hearing heartbeats.
I wish there was a manual for this parenting stuff. It is so hard.
Love jimmy fallon. Wish i could stay awake to watch. Ha! You should also watch call the midwife!
Hope the weekend goes swiftly for you!

Andrea - Orange juice with ice sounds really refreshing right now-and it’s10:30
Parenting is tough stuff. It’s been hard for Max lately. To the point of seeking intervention. Which makes my heart hurt and wonder what I’m doing wrong. I will keep you in my prayers.
Oh how I’m missing my Jimmy Fallon! I even dvr it but alas little missy just cries so much there’s no point in trying to watch tv. Reminding myself this time with littles is short lived. (But I do still miss Jimmy!)
Love Eli and his blanket – that last photo is my fav. :-)

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