simply trust


Parenting is hard.  D and I were just talking about it last night and I expressed my wish that everything was more clear.  Like God would give me this distinct revelation from heaven, “DO THIS.”  And if you DO THIS then there won’t be any more questions.  Everything will fall into place.  It will all come into focus.  You won’t have to worry any more that you are doing the right thing.



If only it were that easy.  And I believe sometimes it is.  That God does give us a clear word, if we hear it.



And then other times, which feels like most times, he has us muddle through this thing called parenting, asking us to let Him be our guide.  He uses interesting ways to get our attention.  Like 1:30 in the morning when she can’t sleep and you are laying in bed with her with nothing else to do but PRAY.  Stacey, I’m going to wake you up in the middle of the night so that you can spend some time with her, praying for her.



And He assures me that things might not always be clear, but that helps me rely more on Him.  He’s got this.  I just need to simply trust.  To simply trust when things aren’t so clear.  Not so simple, but in the midst of the complexity of parenting, I’m trying to grasp on to whatever simplicity I can.


georgia - oh, the times i have been right there. even still. love you and your mama heart. i love that God shows us things in a million different ways. God has even used movies to speak to me or get something through to me. He guides us through His word. though others. through nature. and then just so many specific ways that are so individual to us… a testimony to how intimately He loves us. what i am impressed with the most as i read here is how much you trust Him. and that is wonderful. i think of the verse in proverbs… trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding. in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths.” praying you will be given the answers you’ve been waiting for. praying with you.

trac - First of all, such beautiful photos. And, yes, I empathize with you deeply. And I’m finding that it doesn’t really get easier as they get older. I’m just trying to muddle through different developmental things and still feeling like I have no clue what I am doing. I keep trusting that God is guiding me even when I feel like the muddling is making things too muddle-y.

michelle - Muddling. The perfect word. And you are in good company feeling like you don’t have the clear answers. I’d say most of us would say that that is our experience, too. You are wise to see that God uses these kinds of feelings to draw us close to Him and to keep us talking to Him and seeking Him. I’m praying for you Stacey. I’m praying for your whole family to feel the peace and grace of God as you “muddle” through and for God to also speak clearly to you when you need it. I love you dearly and I am “with you” daily. You are on my mind all the time.

rhonda - These touched my heart today. It is so hard to do this parenting thing! So very very hard. It’s so good that God is listening and helping us.

Heather M. - Stacey, I started crying when I read the title and then proceeded to cry through the whole post. Parenting is so hard. So hard. Every day it feels like it requires heroic feats of strength to let go and trust Him. Praying for you, dear friend. xoxo

Andrea - Beautiful words and photos.

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