10 on 10: 10 minutes with him and his hair


It’s no secret I love his hair, especially when it gets crazy long and shaggy.  For this month’s 10 on 10 I took 10 minutes after bath time and captured him….and his hair.  And can I just say he is just incredibly sweet right now?  He is learning so much, reading and reading like no tomorrow, and saying the cutest things.  And he still snuggles his mama, gives me hugs and kisses out of the blue, and I just want to squeeze him silly.  Love him so much.  And he really does have the best hair….



Thank you to those who came to visit by way of Kristin’s blog.  Now please go visit the next talented photographer in our 10 on 10 circle, Annie Otzen.

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justine - what a cutie! I love the light coming through the window and the bed jumping one is so good! And you’re right – he does have the best hair!!

georgia - yep… that’s some awesome hair! i love his infectious smile. makes me smile, and i don’t even know him personally. can’t say how much i adore that second to the last shot. perfection!

Heather M. - I never cease to be amazed at your talent, friend. Absolutely stunning photos. xoxo

Tracey - I love E’s hair. Always have. He is so adorable. :)

Kristin Hallak - These are GRANDE Stacey! Love the moodiness with the light and especially the jumping one! Well done!!!

Alana Rasbach - I agree with Missy–I LOVE your B&Ws. And jumping on the bed is my favorite image. And the first image makes him look so young and sneaky.

Missy Day - Great B&W shots. The jumping-on-the-bed shot is great! :)

Amanda - little boys + long hair = heaven. it’s no secret that I love long hair, too. curly, long hair in my case. :)

Andrea - He’s got great hair! And you’ve got great black and whites!
Beautiful photos of sweet Eli.

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