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March is behind us, and we are finally all healthy again.  Yes, Evie did end up getting sick last weekend and caught the stomach bug the rest of us had.  But thankfully she had the mildest case.  This week has been the first week in a VERY long time that I feel like we are finally getting back to normal.  Praise Jesus.

In the midst of the puke fest last week, Darin and I paid off our last student loan.  Very exciting stuff.  We both attended the same private college and it has taken us 13 years to pay off that education.  We finally did it.  Yay us.

It wouldn’t be “spring” in Minnesota without an April snowstorm.  We got dumped on last night and we have all had it.  Yes it will melt fast.  And yes spring is coming.  And yes it’s supposed to get close to 60 next week.  Yes, yes, yes.  We all know this.  But us Minnesotans are SO DONE.  We are beyond done.  We need spring to come.  And fast.

We are starting to make summer plans even though snow is still on the ground.  And because of this I ordered a few swimming suits the other day (gasp).  The only reason why I ordered swimming suits without trying them on in a store (normally this would be a huge no-no and just asking for disaster as swimming suits and my body just do NOT get along) is that I found that they are making the exact suit I got last year that I actually somewhat liked.  So I ordered two more in two different colors.  Because this is a rarity, people.  To find a suit that I actually somewhat like.  So now we just need warm weather and I, for like the first time in forever, am actually set and have a swimming suit to wear.  Make that TWO swimming suits to wear.  Yay me.

Eli’s hair is AWESOME right now.  It’s beyond long, totally in his eyes, and I’m pretty sure we could mop the floor with it.  But I love it.



Remember when I started running again and was doing awesome?  Then winter came and hit hard and sickness came and hit hard and I haven’t ran in weeks.  So my neighbor told me about this running club that she’s in and I joined.  It starts at the end of the month.  I’m nervous and excited and anxious to get back at it.  Yay me.

Loving this song by Kari Jobe.

In between sicknesses last month I finally went out and got a new phone.  I was trying to hold out, be financially responsible, thinking I didn’t really “need” a new phone after having the same iPhone 4 for three years.  Sure, it was as slow as molasses, but I could deal.  Then I shattered the screen.  After a few weeks of getting tiny glass fragments stuck in my fingers I figured enough was enough and I bit the bullet and got me an iPhone 5s.  I hate to sound like one of those people who has a love affair with their phone, but I’ll admit it….  I love my new phone.

Yesterday I received two photo books that I made in the midst of the sickness of March when I was stuck on my couch.  One filled with phone photos from the past year, and the other is my 2012 photo book.  Which means I am only behind by one year and have my 2013 book yet to make.  I love paging through these books and seeing how my kids have grown, seeing family photos and little iPhone moments that I captured, remembering when and why I took certain photos and how they probably only mean something to me.  They are precious books and if having a sick family is finally what caused me to actually sit down and get them done, well then that was definitely another silver lining.

Also in the middle of the March sickness my husband traveled.  I am blessed to have a husband that rarely travels, so I will not complain.  But I am so thankful that he is home again and I appreciate him so much.  He’s been an awesome dad and partner this past month.  Yay husband.

And I’m going to try to start to get back to blogging more.  I know I’ve been a bit out of it the past few months.  Life has happened and has hit me hard.  I’ve been uninspired to pick up my camera and uninspired to come here.  I’ve been struggling and growing big time as a person and a parent and a friend and a Jesus follower and the winter blahs and all the sickness have really taken it’s toll.  Spring is coming and I feel it.  You’ll start seeing more of me here soon.

Happy Friday, friends.  xo


georgia - yay you!

oh, i hear ya sister. it’s been one thing after another here. brac was sick pretty bad this past week and a half. so thankful the little man and i did not get it. i’ve heard so many people who have had such a hard time with this winter emotionally. my neighbor and i were talking about that the other day. it’s not that bad winters are so bad when we expect them. but when they come after a long string of not as bad winters, it makes them seem so terribly long. glad to see you back, although, i have to say that i’m glad you weren’t blogging so much, because then i don’t feel as bad for not visiting and i won’t have as much catching up to do… not that i don’t want to catch up. so i’ll just stop rambling now and say i’m glad your days are looking up.

your phone story reminds me of the commercials with the guy from saturday night live who just won’t let his phone go, no matter how damaged it is… one of the commercials, he cuts his hand every time he answers the phone. there are several funny ones in that series. love the pics. what i like about these pics is that if you didn’t read all the hard stuff you go through, one would think you have the perfect family… because you all look so happy and “perfect”. but what you share here is also raw and honest, so i know you aren’t perfect. you’re just human. and you embrace it all… the difficult and the “Yays!”

Tracey - The whole time I read this I kept thinking, “She found a swimsuit.” I soooooo can relate to this feeling of finding one that you like after a looooooong search. I loathe shopping for bathing suits!
And I’m glad you got some warmer weather this weekend! It’s supposed to be 84 tomorrow here! NOT ready for that type of warm weather yet!
And I love these photos of your family. :)

Heather - So very glad it’s a new month for you guys! Praying for health and spring to come! Love catching up with you here. I’ve missed your blogging. Adore those photos and hip hop hooray for paying off those loans!!!

michelle - I’m so glad you all are healthy again. After my mega sickness that lasted over three weeks last month I had about a week of healthy and got hit with mega bronchitis. I’m on the tail end of that. Needless to say, my running is gone. I’m signed up for a half marathon and almost certain that’s not going to happen. I’m literally feeling like taking a walk is all I can do right now.

But the sun is shining and spring is here and I feel like the new season will bring fresh and needed change.

Congratulations on paying off your student loans! I can’t believe you both have been paying those for 13 years. That’s a long time. Enjoy being done with those. :)

And yay for swimsuit shopping with no time spent in dressing rooms. :)

gina - Love this post and catching up on everything! Congrats on the student loans! Such a great feeling! Congrats on everything. Big hugs.

Naomi - So glad you are all healthy again!
We will survive this weather, right?!
Love these photos, so sweet.
(And you hide your struggles well because i think you are a great friend! And parent and person. :))

Andrea - Love these posts where you tell us what’s happening in your neck of the woods.
Glad you’re all over the sickies! You were hit hard! Hope the spring and summer find you healthy. Can’t wait to hear about the running club. I can’t wait to start running again – I have about 20 to lose. And having a baby at 40 doesn’t do much for the body. ;-)
I hear you about not blogging much (haven’t posted in over a month!) and not feeling inspired to pick up the camera. I’ve recently been trying freelensing and it’s kinda fun and a new challenge. You should try it!
Glad to hear you are doing well.
Happy weekend!
Lovely black and whites!
Where did you make your photo books?…
Sorry for the novel. Lol.

Jean - Brady quit his job n stopped using his iPhone 5s b/c they bought n paid for it… I wanted to use it, but have no idea how to jail break it… It collects dust now… Also am happy about the no more traveling. I was a lonely gal.

I’m hoping to start running again as well. And I do miss your posts!

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