so about those silver linings…


So yeah.  March has been rough.  To say the least.  Just when I felt like we were finally getting back into a routine and Evie was finally feeling better after her long recovery from her virus, Eli started throwing up.  And then I started throwing up.  And then Darin started throwing up.  This week has been yet another week of sickness for our household, the only one spared so far… Evie.  And you can bet that I’ve been on my knees praying that she doesn’t get this nasty stomach flu, because it is awful, and she has been through enough this month.

And sure, I could think of some silver linings in all of this.  Like how Eli’s throw up somehow missed the carpet and landed on the leather couch instead.  How three days of a stomach bug is a surprisingly good weight loss plan.  How my mom has come to the rescue yet again, exposing herself to our germs (God please keep her healthy, too).  Or how after the husband gets sick and realizes how awful it really is, he thanks you for being there in the middle of the night for him as he was hunched over the toilet.

But at one point this week, as I was doubled over in stomach cramps and in tears, I wanted to cry out to God (okay, maybe I did cry out to God) and say, “Screw the silver linings.  I just want our family back to normal again.  Healthy again. Everyone happy again. Oh, and it would be nice if spring came.”  And you know what?  I think God is okay with that.  He longs for us to cry out to Him.  I don’t have to present Him with a list of things I’m thankful for first.  Sometimes I can just cry out to Him.  The silver linings are there, He knows I’m grateful, He knows my heart.

And since you probably don’t want to see any more photos of my sick family, I’ll leave you with this one from my January trip to California.  I remember being overcome to tears standing in this place and hearing the ocean and watching those dark clouds lift to showcase the sunset.  His grace abounds in deepest waters.


georgia - “sovereign on the ocean floor”
one of the lines in the song… goes great with your photo.

two more that could be our themes these days…
“sovereign in my greatest joy”
“sovereign in my deepest cry”

georgia - oh, sweet lady! sounds like you guys had what we had here early feb or late jan… can’t remember. it was AWFUL. i hope you guys did not have it as severely. yes, it is a great little weight loss plan that you would never actually plan. sadly, the weight i lost during my “puke fest” all came back a little while later. it was scary to watch isaac lose so much weight. but the up side was that i never saw him eat better than after that point… he was so famished after not getting to eat for a week and a half, that he loved food and ate every last morsel after that. he gained it all back and then some, and he is not nearly as skinny as he’s been all his life. he is starting to fill out. so glad for that. silver lining.

i just can’t believe you all got sick after all that you had been through. glad to know that evi had it the least… she had seen her fair share already.

love this photo, too. i think i would have cried as well. the ocean does this to me anyway. but now, even more after the year we had, i think it really would. what an amazing sight. how i would love to visit that very spot. God is good in it all… every heartache and struggle, as well as all the blessings. just heard this song for the first time tonight…
thought of you when i heard it actually. me too. and so many of our friends, both our common ones and those we don’t know. trusting He works everything for good…

random fridayness » Stacey Montgomery Photography - […] Yesterday I received two photo books that I made in the midst of the sickness of March when I was stuck on my couch.  One filled with phone photos from the past year, and the other is my 2012 photo book.  Which means I am only behind by one year and have my 2013 book yet to make.  I love paging through these books and seeing how my kids have grown, seeing family photos and little iPhone moments that I captured, remembering when and why I took certain photos and how they probably only mean something to me.  They are precious books and if having a sick family is finally what caused me to actually sit down and get them done, well then that was definitely another silver lining. […]

gina - You are amazing to see the positive in all of this. Praying for your life to get back to “normal” asap. Love you.

Heather - So much love to you, my friend. He knows and He loves you and I believe He would much rather hear our honest cries than anything else. Praying this is all a distant memory soon. And I love that photo. Love.

michelle - I love you S. It’s been a hard winter for you and these past few weeks have been rough. God knows just how hard. And I’m sure he delights in your honesty. I’m praying for skies to clear and everyone to be healthy again asap!

Tracey - Brings me to tears, your photo and words. Spring is coming Stacey!! Spring always comes.

Andrea - He listens to our cries just as much as He listens to our hallelujahs. The past year of struggles with health issues has taught me that.
Hope the family is on the mend.
Gorgeous photo.

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