spring break and its silver linings: part 2



So just when I thought our long spring break week was at its end and I had been grateful and things were getting better, Evie decided to spike another temp yesterday morning and look miserable and really scare me and we found ourselves yet again at the pediatrician and soon after at the Amplatz Children’s Hospital ER.

After about four hours in the ER, an IV (poor Evie was so scared but really did great), and lots of lab work it was determined that we needed to spend the night.  Six days of sickness and high fevers were enough, she was dehydrated and her labs were off.  We were transferred up to the floor and within hours Evie spiked yet another temp and she asked to go to sleep.  I stayed with her as the nurses monitored her temp, which finally went down by morning.  We awoke to more lab draws and several pokes because they didn’t get enough blood this first time (which caused an over tired and stressed out mom to cry probably just as much as her daughter).  But after the tears subsided Evie actually asked to eat breakfast (a first in six days), we saw a few smiles come back to our sweet girls face, and she actually GOT OUT OF BED to draw on the grease board to leave her mark.  I think it was the most she had smiled and left her bed in six days.



So because she was drinking again and fever free we were able to go home this afternoon.  After a long talk with the wonderful doctors they are thinking this is just a bad virus.  She will have more lab work done next week to make sure things are going back to normal.  She isn’t totally back to herself yet and might have to miss a day or two of school, or more if her fever comes back (which it could, but we are praying it doesn’t).  But the serious stuff that goes through this nurse’s and mother’s head has nearly (99% according to the doctor) been ruled out.  I won’t go into all those details, but we are praying for a positive result to a specific virus, that way we know why all of this happened.  I never thought I would pray for a virus before, but everything points to that, and it would he reassuring if it was.

So I go back to naming the silver linings.  Because I really have learned that gratitude changes everything.

Silver lining number one:  We are home.  It was only one night.  Darin talked with a family in the elevator that had been there since January.  I know other families, friends and co-workers, that have had very sick kids and have had to stay in that hospital for weeks or have multiple visits.  We are home.  It was only one night.

Silver lining number two:  A sunset and a sunrise.

Silver lining number three:  Once again, my mom who had Eli over night and friends who watched Eli today so Darin and I could both be with Evie.

Silver lining number four:  The multitude of family and friends who have texted, called, and emailed to offer help, prayers, love and support the past few days.  And see them share in our joy as Evie improves.  We are so blessed.

Silver lining number four:  My husband bringing me a Starbucks white mocha this morning.  Coffee makes everything better.

Silver lining number five: An awesome brand new high tech children’s hospital that is covered by my insurance that has an incredible staff of nurses and doctors that are specialized to care for sick kids.  Big private rooms with a huge TV and movies and video games and controls that allow you to change the color of the lights, control the shades over the HUGE windows, a fridge and microwave and a pull out bed for mom.  If you have to be in the hospital, this is the one you want to be in.  I really felt like the doctors cared about Evie and spent a lot of time answering my every question.  So great.

Silver lining number six:  The stack of notes received in our mailbox tonight from Evie’s small group of 3rd graders from Saturday night church.  After texting a friend yesterday asking for prayer, she passed along the info to Evie’s small group leader and her leader asked all the girls to pray for Evie and write her notes.  Today my friend delivered them to us and Evie read them before bed.  She smiled after each one and after she had finished said, “It makes me feel good that they know that I am sick and that they are praying for me and that they did this for me.”  Tears from this mama.  The church and community being taught to our kids at a young age and being acted out…..  it meant so much to Evie and probably meant even more to this mama.

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers for Evie.  In the grand scheme of things it’s hopefully just a little virus.  Oh, it could be so much worse, this I know.  But it’s always hard seeing your child sick in a hospital bed, no matter what the issue.  You worry.  It’s part of our mom DNA.  Praying that there isn’t a part three to this series.  :)  xo


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Nikki Sinclair - Love that smile on her face. Glad she is on the mend – way to keep on keepin’ on guys! Will continue to pray for you all and hope you’ll be back to the same old routine in no time.

gina - So glad that things are improving. Big hugs to Evie and to you and your whole family from the B’s. xoxo

michelle - What a beautiful list of gratitude. I’m so happy to know you all were surrounded with support and love from all corners of your life. I’m so glad Evie is mending and I can’t help but be so touched that Darin brought Starbucks. There’s something about a warm cup of comfort brought by someone you love that is ridiculously good. Thanks for updating us. Will keep praying for you all. Hopefully you can get some rest yourself after all that’s gone on this past week.

Sara - I am so glad to hear that E is doing better. I can only imagine how scared and worried you were :( He was watching over you all and will continue to do so as she continues to heal. Hugs dear!

Andrea - Glad she is doing better! Praying the week goes well and she stays fever-free!

Tracey - Happy that she is doing so much better and praying that she is on the mend! Hugs and love to you!

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