spring break and its silver linings


It’s Friday of spring break week.  And I wish I had some fun photos to share of some marvelous vacation or fun activities we did all week, but no.  The above photo was our week.  Except most times she didn’t even want the ice cream.  (That tells you just how miserable she felt.)

She woke up in the middle of the night Sunday.  She had a fever and was complaining of a sore throat.  The Peds visit the next morning confirmed it: strep.  She’s had it before.  And usually after one dose of antibiotics she’s on the mend and 24 hours later she’s back to herself.  Missing out on one day of spring break….no big deal.

But unfortunately it didn’t go like that.  High temps and sleepless nights, ice cream for breakfast and afternoon naps….  for the next three days.  Poor peanut was really sick.  When she refuses fresh baked cookies I thought would cheer her up and a Culver’s shake after her doctors appointment (a favorite), you know she’s really sick.  Canceled spring break fun and stuck inside when the weather is FINALLY getting nice….big bummer.

With little to no improvement I brought her back in the doctor yesterday morning.  Strep negative, white count normal.  But she now has a nasty cough and a runny nose.  Yep, most likely a viral infection on top of the strep.  She caught the cold I have (did I mention I have an awful cold, too?  yep), only it’s worse.  The kid can’t catch a break for spring break.

She was 24 hour temp free this morning and I gave her the choice to do anything she wanted.  She choose an indoor park that she’s been talking about for days.  It was a bust.  Eli had a great time for two hours, but poor Evie was worn out after 10 minutes and ended up sitting by me asking when we could go home for the remainder of the time.    I was hoping for one good day this week.  But we came back home and now she’s back on the couch.  Not exactly how we planned on spending our days off school.

So I look for the silver linings in all of this.  Because it’s the only way I STAY SANE.  I’m not proud to say that I’m crabby and so sick of being home I’m near the end of my rope.  I’ve lost my patience numerous times and my poor husband has probably taken the brunt of it.  So I look for the good to get us through.

Silver lining number one:  Grateful for my mom who took Eli a few times for me, a friend who had him over for a playdate yesterday, and friends and family who have checked in on us and have been praying for us.  This sounds incredibly selfish but I’m just going to say it.  When you have a sick kid, mom needs some nurturing, too.  Because when you give and give and give (and I wouldn’t change it for the world, don’t get me wrong), you need a little filling up too.  I know that’s probably really selfish to say, but it’s the honest truth.  And I’m thankful for those that helped to fill me up this week when I have felt drained filling up my sweet girl.

Silver lining number two:  She didn’t miss a whole week of school.  Which, wow, don’t get me started on how crabby I would have been having to make up a week of school at home.

Silver lining number three:  Spending a LOT of quality time with my daughter.  Laying with her in the middle of the night as she was burning up.  Cuddling with her while watching Magic School Bus at 5:00 in the morning.  Taking naps with her every afternoon.  Comforting her when she cried as she got her finger stuck at the doctor’s office.  She’s almost nine and she’s getting more and more independent, but it’s so wonderful to have her want her mama when she’s sick.

Silver lining number four:  Treating myself to a drive thru Starbucks white mocha after doctor appointment number two. Seriously, coffee places should deliver for moms with sick kids.

Silver lining number five:  Curling up with her and the whole family in our bed and watching Frozen on my laptop (I was told of this website where you can watch movies that are still out in theaters so it was probably not legal but at this point I really didn’t care).  Seeing her smile as the songs started and hearing her sing along a bit.

Silver lining number six:  Knowing that this is just strep and a bad cough and cold and that she will get better.  That she is a healthy little girl that just happened to get sick over spring break.  And I am so incredibly grateful for her health.

So I didn’t write this post to get a bunch of sympathy for our missed out spring break.  I wrote it for me and to remind myself that I have so many silver linings to be thankful for.  Cliche?  Maybe.  But needed on this spring break Friday of a long spring break week.

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Tracey Morris - What a week! I don’t blame you for feeling bummed about your spring break. But I loved your silver linings because they were sooooo good. Nothing like having a sick child at home to cause me to slow down and be grateful for the little things.

michelle - Weeks like that are tough. I’m so glad you found so many silver linings. I’m hoping with the arrival of spring that all these ridiculous illnesses will disappear. We’ve had a lot of sickness here too lately and it can be a heavy thing. Love you. Glad she’s mending. Hope you are, too.


georgia - oh, i’m so sorry, stace. i know how much you needed a good break to combat the hard winter you’ve had. i am so glad you can see the silver linings in it. this is the third time in the last day or two that i saw something about silver lining. perhaps God is trying to send me a message? sometimes we have to look for those silver linings… make a list of all the ways God was good to us in the midst of the hard days. i fight every day not to be bitter. it is so hard for me to look for silver linings right now. it’s easier to make a list of things to be bitter about. but i don’t want to be chained to those things. it’s really really really hard. i’m so glad you were able to make the other list. it’s the sacrifices of praise God wants from us. the thanks offerings that my counselor has been reminding me to make. i know how tough things have been for you. i pray that summer comes soon for you… that winter won’t last too long and we can skip right over spring to the warmth and light of summer. i pray if for me. and i pray it for you. hugs to e-1… and you! hope you all stay well.

carla - Prayers to you, mama. Yes, you need the nurturing and filling up too. Kudos to you for looking at the silver lining, even if it was just to stay sane. I don’t blame you, I would do the same thing. Cuddling up while watching Frozen sounds perfect. It’s coming out soon and I’m sure you’ll buy it so no harm dine watching it a little early. :)

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