filled to the brim


A few months ago my friend Heather and I decided to do a month long photo project together.  Do you know Heather?  I feel like I need to tell you a bit about her.

Heather and I “met” online a few years ago through other mutual online friends.  I know it may sound crazy to most people, but I felt an instant connection with her. She’s from Canada and can relate with endless winters and depressing cold.  We are the same age, we have kids the same age, and we’ve been married about the same length of time.  We both love photography and share the same faith.  We are both very emotional and sensitive people.  But it was more than all of that. I can’t exactly explain it, and I won’t try to here.  She’s just a very dear and important person in my life, even though I’ve only spent a handful of days with her face to face.  And doing a photo project with her just helps us feel a bit more connected across the miles.

We narrowed down that February would be the month because we were going to be together for the first few days of it, we just needed to decide on some sort of theme or topic to focus on for the 28 days.  Being that Heather and I are very similar in the fact that we cry nearly every day over something, I thought we could somehow photograph that.  Photograph when our emotions took over.  Whether that be tears, or joy, or gratitude, or just feeling overwhelmed.  Capture those times when we were filled to the brim.  I think Heather was a little hesitant when I offered up my suggestion (you can admit it, Heather, it’s okay).  But I really wanted this to be almost a healing thing for us.  To take a moment to acknowledge those feelings.  To take a moment to pause and sit in them for a bit.  I feel like it’s what makes us, “us”, so let’s honor it by preserving it.

So for 25 out of the 28 days I did just that.  I won’t share every detail about the below photos, some are personal and will only mean something to me.  But I will share a little behind the images I captured.

*Overwhelmed to tears at the sight of the ocean, the waves, the sunsets, and the friends I shared them with.

*Sadness of saying goodbye, of sitting in an airport waiting for my flight to take off knowing that they were on the other side of the airport doing the same.

*Rough mornings.  Trying not to lose it.

*Tears over texts while baking cookies, tears over notes in the mail,  tears over the computer and over reading with Eli and over words that Evie writes.

*Sharing some wonderful quality time with him this month, feeling loved by his side.

*The joy of watching them play together.

*The joy of watching her create, with help from him, even through the frustration of doing it at 9:30 at night because she just remembered.

*Seeing a robin in a tree at the start of a snowstorm.  A symbol of hope when I desperately needed it.  (The robin flew away before I could photograph it, so I just captured the snow coming down instead.)

*All the mixed emotions that come with cold and snow, and more cold and snow.  The beauty of it, playing with them in it.  The frustration of it, the never ending winter taking it’s toll.

*Going for a walk with Leo and slipping on the ice, scrapping up my knee and ruining my favorite jeans, coming home and having a good cry and opening up my Bible and crying some more.

*Proud tears as she finished her project she worked so hard on.  Seeing her perform her speech as person after person walked by.

*Seeing the art she created on a day I really needed to see it.  Amazed.  Blessed.

Filled to the brim.


(To see Heather’s photos click here, or visit her blog.)

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sara - you both are so very lovely.
filled to the brim- i adore it. i love that you were pushed, that you slowed down and that you each embraced emotions each day.

Tracey - I love seeing these all together. The heart drawn on the window, the quilt making its appearance in many of the photos, E and E on the chair together, Leo in the middle of everything. Love you both. :)

Michelle - You know that I don’t cry everyday. I’m too blocked up for that. But looking at these images and reading your words… well, I was filled to the brim with love and appreciation for both of you.


Heather M. - stacey, i’m so grateful for you. doing this project with you was so good. it pushed me and i needed a push. yes, i was a little hesitant at first but i’m so glad we did it. it made me stop and pause and think and acknowledge and be present. and that was so good for me. thank you for the kinds words you wrote about me. i feel the same and i can SO relate to the winters. the never ending winters.

love your photos. they are so good. that one with the light on the quilt might just be my fav. you rock this type of photography. xoxo

Andrea - Such a blessing you have such an amazing friend you have so much in common with.
Lovely photos as always.

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