10 on 10: one through ten


Let’s see if you can figure out my 10 on 10 this month….


You guys are so smart.  Yes, I took a day around our house and counted my way to ten.

I love seeing these little pieces of my kids.  As much as I complain about having to pick up after them, I love that they are constantly leaving their mark.

Thank you to those who came by way of Alana Rasbach.  Now go and visit Lindsey Bergstrom and make your way around the 10 on 10 circle.

Annie - Okay I am going to make it my goal to do exactly what you did at some point during this year and walk around the house and take 10 photos. I love the list of morning jobs and the cars in the bath tub!

Laura - Love your creativity. :) I tried to capture our lives today, but it wasn’t this pretty. Cars in the bath and leftover cheerios? Sweet memories.

jen downer - What a clever lady you are! I love the creative spin you took this month!!!! And the morning jobs list? BRILLIANT!!! xo

Heather Robinson - No you are the smart one. I LOVE this idea and of course your photographs.

Tracey Morris - Love the “O’s” photo. :) It’s fun when you take on this project of counting because you realize that the numbers are everywhere to be found!

Kristin Hallak - You are so good at capturing details. What a great story. Love the cars in the bath tube.

Michelle - I was not quick enough to figure out the pattern. But I’ve been sick, so. ;) I love all the stuff left out around your house. I can say that with two high school kids here, that’s still the same. Plus, my dog has an obession. She finds all the socks in our bedrooms and brings them out to the main living room. It’s “adorable.” ;)

Breanna - You’re awesome, love all of these!

bethany - Your use of light and subtle color is so cozy! I love all these “kids were here” moments. The car’s in the bathtub are fantastic.

Heather - Girl, you are so good. Love these peeks into your life!

Andrea - Great captures from around the house.

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