island getaway


Yesterday I was having a little pity party for myself, I’ll admit it.

Spring break is next week and I’m starting to see photos pop up on my Facebook and Instagram feeds of friends in tropical locations.  Soaking up the sun.  Without boots or mittens or layers.  Lounging in the sand with no snow in sight.  Wearing (gasp) flip flops and tank tops and swimming suits.  So, to make matters worse for myself, I started researching the vacation I’m not taking next week.  I started reading reviews on Trip Advisor and viewing photos on Expedia and imagining myself on some Caribbean island with a blended cocktail in my hand.  Imaging an escape from this never ending winter, a break from life.  Yep, pretty sad, I know.

So this morning, when I read the following while still laying in bed trying to will myself to get up, well, I guess it was a reminder that I really needed to hear.

“God’s my island hideaway, He keeps danger far from the shore,  He throws garlands of hosannas around my neck.”  Psalm 32:7

It was like a little slap in the face.  Like a nice slap.  Like a, wake up Stacey, you don’t need a Caribbean escape.  Rest in the fact that God is your island getaway.  Okay, then.  The verse has stuck with me all day.

And since I can’t post anything without some photos, I’ll include the ones below.  This little spot in California where I really felt at peace.  I know it’s not an island, but I felt like it was.  Away from the world, a walk through a cave to the sight of the waves, surrounded by rock and earth and sand…


Heather M. - these photos. stacey. i love them. takes me back and makes me wish i was there right now with all of you. that place was amazing.

i feel you on the never ending winter. hang in there friend. He truly is our island getaway. that verse was such a gift to me. love you. xoxo

Tracey - Such beautiful shots. This makes me want to there right now with you all. And that verse is just perfect. I love it.

Michelle - Oh my goodness! Well now I’m wanting to spend Spring Break camped out there in that cave. I’m going to have to remind myself that God is MY island getaway, now too. ;)

I’m sorry your winter feels unrelenting. I ordered our chickens yesterday and started planning my garden. Even though there is still snow in our yard. I need to start acting like winter is going to end even if it doesn’t FEEL that way.

I love you, S. Hang in there.


Laura - I hear ya — I’ve been feeling down and out and pretty sorry for myself. Silly, really, when there are so many blessings. But life can suck my energy dry sometimes. Thank you for the reminder to look to God for strength and solace. :)

Andrea - We never go anywhere for spring break and I hear of and see all the fun plans people have planned to warm locations. Max goes up to Seattle again this year so it’ll just be me and Little Miss Erin for break.
Lovely photos! Looks nice and warm there.

carla - I feel the warmth emanating from these photos. Beautiful pics and beautiful words. I think we all deserve a little pity party for enduring this winter.

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