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Last week she finished the big wax museum project for school.  The students pick someone who has made an impact on the world, researches them, writes a paper and a speech, makes a costume, and then “is” that person for the big wax museum project where they dress in costume and recite their speech for everyone that pushes their button.  A big deal for a third grader.  (A big deal for a third grader’s mom.)

She choose Georgia O’Keeffe.  Appropriate for my artist.  And on the morning of the presentation she insisted on making a little name table tent to put next to her own artwork and artist’s palette she also made as props to accompany her for her speech.  Singing as she colored away.  She did awesome as everyone walked by to see her and listen to her speech that day.  So proud of my creative girl.


Heather M. - i noticed the carmel sweatshirt right away too. love.

adore these photos and am so glad her project went well. :)

Tracey - I would like to echo both what Michelle and Carla said!! I noticed the Carmel sweatshirt AND the fact that she is just getting to big! She has matured so much!

Michelle - Ahhhh!! The Carmel sweatshirt! That shirt fills me with happiness as I remember your sweet Darin story.

And so proud of E. It sounds like this project totally suited her. I love seeing how different ways of learning appeal to different kids. My kids found these sorts of “Character Portrayals” really challenging. But other kids seemed to fully inhabit their characters with ease. I love how teachers find diverse ways to teach. Makes me so appreciative of everything teachers do every day.

Good Job E (and E’s mom!!) :)

carla - What happened??!! I was scrolling down, looking at the pictures, and then all of the sudden I see this young lady. She looks so grown up! The one that really hit me was the profile of her as she held up her nametag. I just picture her sitting around with a bunch of other girls giggling and talking about boys. Why do they grow up so fast?

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