a good morning


It was a good morning.

Most mornings I feel like I’m behind.  Running around trying to get lunches made and backpacks packed and the kids dressed and breakfast fed and the dog out and the coffee made.  And it’s usually my fault.  My children are up between 5:30 and 6:00 and keep themselves entertained until I drag myself out of bed an hour later.  It’s my fault I run around like a crazy woman.

But today was a good morning.

I felt relaxed.  Not rushed.  I was up a half hour earlier.  And isn’t it amazing what a difference 30 minutes makes?  Enough of a difference that when I let Leo out and back in and found Evie drawing with her finger on the frosty door I didn’t have to tell her we didn’t have time for that today.  I grabbed my camera instead and watched as she made a little heart and stamped her hands and wrote our names, even Rusty.  Love that girl so much.

A good morning, captured.


Heather - Absolutely adore these photos, Stacey! Yay for a good morning!

andrea - good mornings are always so nice! :)

Naomi - Hooray for a good morning. I hate mornings. :)

georgia - i meant “rusty”, not leo. where did that come from?? sorry.

georgia - so beautiful. the mood of these photos is incredible and speaks so much of your morning. and the handprints around the heart… just sweet as can be. it’s so nice to hear i am not the only one who gets up after her child{ren}. isaac wakes me up every day, and i feel guilty, because i feel like i should be waking him up, with a perfect breakfast ready and waiting. i have to say, it’s really precious the way he comes to get me. he pulls the blankets back and says “wake up, mama… wake up. can you get up now, mama?” i hope to find him playing some morning in a light just like this and hope i can capture it the way you have. love that 6th frame down… where leo and evie are looking in the same direction. too sweet.

Tracey - Glad you could have a good morning! And that light is just so beautiful!

Michelle - Her door art is so beautiful with that morning light shining in from behind. And yes, I’m like you, the last one up at my house. Those days I manage to get up a little earlier are AMAZING. How can 30 minutes make such a difference?? Glad you had a good morning.

carla - That is a good morning. Yesterday, mine was the exact opposite. My children will never get out of bed. There was rushing and yelling. :( Glad you took the time to capture this moment. We need things to make us happy / smile during this never ending winter. :)

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