raise your hand if….


Raise your hand if….


you are ready for spring.

you can’t just eat one thin mint.

you think season 4 of Downton Abbey isn’t quite as good as the previous seasons.

you wonder what Bob Costas does when he’s not doing Primetime for the Olympics every two years.

you want to squeeze Jimmy Fallon’s cheeks.

you have the whole soundtrack of Frozen stuck in your head and secretly sing “Let it Go” at the top of your lungs in the shower.

you’d rather visit your GYN than go to the dentist.

earlier speak of thin mints made you go to the cupboard to grab a thin mint.

you think spring break should actually feel like spring.

while watching the Olympics you think you might want to take up snowboarding but then realize you are old and that wouldn’t go over very well.

you think dark chocolate should be a food group.

wearing rain boots makes you want to splash in puddles like a kid.

you think that those that suffer from seasonal affective disorder (or all Minnesotans this winter) should receive two free roundtrip airline tickets to a warm vacation destination of their choice during “spring” break.

you think you and Jennifer Lawrence could totally be BFF’s.

earlier speak of going to the cupboard to grab a thin mint actually meant grabbing a sleeve of thin mints.

you are happy it’s Wednesday and that it’s one day closer to Friday which means it’s one day closer to spring.


Raise your hand.

andrea - Great list!

Michelle - Bob Costas has the best job ever! Every two years he gets a free, behind the scenes trip to the Olympics. I want to apply for that job.

And I want to be an Olympian, too. My swimming partner and I joke every time we swim that the Olympic Scouts are probably watching, so swim hard. ;)

Thin Mints. Just ordered 3 boxes from the neighbor girl.

Jennifer Lawrence. YES.

And I’m not loving DA as much as previous seasons either. I still watch it and like it. It’s just not AS GOOD. :)

Love you Minnesota. It’s swirling white here today and my first thought was “SOLIDARITY” ;)


Jean - i love how georgia commented -awesome!

hand raised for just about all of them! i’m so happy i finally purchased a pair of hunters! i wanted the tall ones, but i’m short w/ chubby calves so i went for short ones. still happy i got ’em. perfect for this weather.

i know, i am so afraid of the dentist. i always get lectured by my bff whom is in that industry! would totally see my GYN twice a year vs the dentist.

and i love how you said, two free round trip tickets! ;) we are all ready for spring!!!!

georgia - no. 1 – hand raised.
no. 2 – can hardly eat just one
no. 3 – never saw any season. thinking of checking them out from the library, though.
no. 4 – hand not raised.
no. 5 – never really thought about it. will have to examine next time i watch him.
no. 6 – hand down. not even sure what it is. i live under a rock.
no. 7 – went to see the former just today. it wasn’t too bad. not really a fan of either, though. my mom has a funny story about both those kinds of docs. can’t remember it. will have to ask her what it is and e-mail you.
no. 8 -nope.
no. 9 – yep.
no. 10 – once again, didn’t watch. i live under a rock.
no. 11 – YES! actually, it is. in my world, anyway.
no. 12 – little bit.
no. 13 – YES. i have it. where should we go?
no. 14 – hmmm… not seein’ it. i like her. but never had a friend like her. maybe that is my first problem and i should.
no. 15 – nuh-uh.
no. 16 – yes. not because it is closer to spring break {which we will not have}, but because it’s closer to the weekend.
whew! that was a long comment. took me almost as long to write as it took you to write your post probably. =)
raise your hand if you miss your friend.
no. 17 – hand raised.

carla - My hands are raised for about every single one of these! Thin mints are Ok, but I’m more of a tagalong girl. Also been singing “Everything is awesome” from the lego movie. All. Day. Long. Would love free plane tickets — will have to settle for an upcoming trip to N.C. to see family. Of course they have had 6 snow days so far. Keeping my fingers crossed (and hand raised). :)

Laura - *grin* Yes to all thin mint and chocolate comments.

Heather M. - Will you still be my friend if I admit to having no idea who Bob Costas, Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Lawrence are? And if I admit to never eating a thin mint? Maybe I should stop now…

The rest I can totally raise my hand to. I’m so very ready for spring.

Adore that photo – totally made me smile. :)

rhonda - I was totally singing let it Go last night and my oldest stopped what he was doing and looked at me and said “You know that song too?” He was shocked. hahahaha.

MY hands up too!!!!

Naomi - Yes yes and yes to all of it. Except I dont have any thin mints and now you make me want to track down a girl scout and buy some thin mints. :) also, a confession: i was singing let it go in the car yesterday–gus was enjoying it. :) but, to this version: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DAJYk1jOhzk you need to check it out!

gina - holding my hand high!!!!

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